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Getting a loyal and obedient wife sounds like a distant dream, but the mail-order bride industry can help you make your wishes come true in the short term. For this, you have to buy a mail-order bride.

Note that no human trafficking is involved here – we will simply break down international dating costs from A to Z. So, keep reading to learn everything about mail order bride pricing.

mail order brides pricing

Factors That Affect Mail Order Bride Prices

The ultimate question of “how much are mail order wives” depends on several parameters we will discuss below.

Number of Offline Dates

The first significant factor that defines how much your mail-order bride costs is the number of your offline dates.

So the more times you meet your woman in person, the more money you have to spend on food, transportation, and entertainment in total.

These costs also depend on the country of your mail order bride. On average, men spend about $180 per month on dating expenses. It is a total of four dates on average.

Types of Online Dating Services

To save as much money as possible, you have to start dating your mail order bride online. At this point, you will have several paths to choose from. The first one is to register on online dating sites. The second one is to address matchmaking services. Let’s break down their costs, pros, and cons.

Online Dating Websites

Generally, online dating sites charge between $30 to $50 per month for online subscriptions.

Dating websites offer you the cheapest way to find a woman online. Check their benefits alongside low costs:

  • They offer much more extensive communities, and you can choose between thousands of women, literally.
  • Most dating websites allow you to chat with women freely and exchange photos and videos if you buy a premium membership.
  • You can sort women by any parameters imaginable, like hair color, complexion, education, habits, hobbies, interests, and English proficiency. You will still get thousands of results even on niche dating websites.

At the same time, online dating websites have some flaws that might downgrade your experience:

  • They do not bother checking the backgrounds of their users. As a result, you have to accept that around 10% of all users are scammers or fake profiles. Given that, you’ll have to stay alert while chatting with girls.
  • The users don’t bother sharing personal information on their dating profiles. As a result, you will probably have to contact every woman you sympathize with to learn whether she’s single, married, or divorced.
  • Many women may not be interested in marriage specifically. They might seek short-term affairs instead.
mailorder brides cost

These factors might slow down your dating hunt, making your overall dating site experience less efficient compared to matchmaking services. So check what benefits online marriage services provide to their customers below.

Matchmaking Agencies

Specialized matchmaking services charge far greater rates but deliver more benefits than regular dating sites. These features include:

  • Video call services.
  • Gift delivery services.
  • Enhanced customer support.
  • Translation services.

They charge anything between $500 and $5,000 per month.

Fortunately, you are free to choose a marriage service according to your budget. Additionally, you can generally find brides two times faster using these services.

It is because they accept only single women who search for international marriage specifically.

That’s why the audience of these services is far more amenable regarding online relationships.

Most importantly, matchmaking companies check the backgrounds of their women and ensure that they include relevant and accurate information in their dating profiles.

The Country of Your Mail Order Bride

The country of your mail order bride impacts your dating costs the most. Thus, economic climate, purchasing power, and annual GDP determine the dating prices.

The lower the average household wealth, the more money you can save at every stage of your dating experience.

Let’s take a look into household wealth by region:


Household Wealth

Eastern Europe

$2,000-$9,999. Ukraine and Belarus are under $2,000.

Central Asia


Southeast Asia

mostly under $2,000.

Latin America


Consequently, you can opt for girls from Southeast Asia, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, and Latin America if you aim for the lowest mail order bride price.

These women settle for incomparably lower purchasing power and overall living conditions. As a result, a proposal is an offer she can’t refuse.

To put things into perspective, households in first-world countries accumulate over $50,000.

mail order bride cost

Marriage Traditions

Marriage traditions also affect the total cost of your mail-order bride as some nations may require the groom to provide their bride with dowry money.

For example, Thai grooms may pay their brides around $3,000 of dowry money.

Meanwhile, Eastern European nations don’t usually stick to old-fashioned marriage traditions, embracing Western values. Eastern European brides and grooms refrain from showing off with expensive gifts or arranging six-figure weddings.

A modest church ceremony will be far more acceptable for these nations than a flashy wedding party with dozens of guests involved.

Can You Buy a Mail Order Bride?

Nothing on this planet can guarantee you will meet live at first sight or $10,000. Nobody can buy love for money. It is something you have to develop yourself by investing time, care, and dedication.

The mail order brides cost only defines how much money you have to invest into online dating, traveling, and relocation.

How Much Does a Mail Order Bride Cost?

A study finds that people need approximately 172 days to decide whether they want to marry their partners. So, let’s break down international marriage costs based on this time frame.


Cost Item

Average Cost

Total Cost

Online dating subscription

$40 per month


Matchmaking service

$1,000 per month


Cost of living in target destinations for a single person

$800 per month with rent


Cost of living in target destinations for a couple

$1,500 per month with rent



$168 per month


Wedding in the US (as of 2020)



Wedding in a target destination



Total Costs

American Wedding

Wedding in the target destination




If you choose dating sites over matchmaking services and arrange a wedding ceremony in the target country, you can pay $15,935 in total for six months. It’s about $2,655 per month.

As you can see, it doesn’t sound as scary as you might have thought. Dating and marrying a mail-order bride has never been more expensive than dating a native girlfriend.

But what are the best countries for marriage that provide the lowest prices and the most loyal women? Check them out below.

The Best Regions to Buy Mail Order Brides

Asia, Latin America, and Russia produce the most international wives. So check how much money you need to buy mail-order brides from these regions.

Costs of Asian Mail Order Brides

Asia might be the best destination to marry submissive and feminine women. Additionally, you can find mail-order brides in Asia at the lowest price.

First, you have to spend some money on dating subscriptions. Since online dating sites operate internationally and their subscription costs fall into global industry averages, you will pay $40 per month.

As for dating and traveling, Asian countries differ a lot. So check the average weekly traveling costs per couple in different Asian states from the cheapest to the most expensive:

mail order bride price
  1. Kazakhstan – $259.
  2. Laos – $328.
  3. Mongolia – $348.
  4. India – $489.
  5. Cambodia – $692.
  6. Indonesia – $727.
  7. Myanmar – $730.
  8. Vietnam -$744.
  9. The Philippines – $828.
  10. Pakistan – $929.
  11. Malaysia – $1,004.
  12. China – $1,008.
  13. Thailand – $1,385.
  14. South Korea – $1,403.
  15. Taiwan – $1,470.
  16. Japan – $1,842.

On average, you will require about $886 per week to travel to Asia. You can spend as much time in these countries as you need. For example, you can spend a week with your mail-order bride once every three months. The rest of the time, you will chat with her online.

As a result, you will stay for a total of two weeks in Asia, which equals $1,772. This amount includes restaurant meals, amusement parks, museums, hotel rooms, and so on.

As for wedding expenses, you can spend about $7,000 for an all-inclusive package – wedding attire and rings, planning, paperwork, guests, etc.

So let’s break down minimal Asian wedding costs:

  1. Online dating subscriptions – $228.
  2. Travel costs – $1,772.
  3. Wedding costs – $7,000.

In total, you should spend at least $9,000 to buy an Asian mail-order bride.

How Much is a Mail Order Bride in Russia?

Many guys believe Russian girls are some of the most beautiful women in the world. They’re loyal, skillful at home, and generally obedient.

Let’s take a look at the Russian mail order bride cost:

  1. Online dating subscriptions – $228.
  2. Weekly travel costs for a couple – $919.
  3. Wedding costs – $15,000.

In total, you will spend $17,066 to marry a Russian woman, assuming that you travel to Russia once every three months.

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Mail Order Bride Costs in Latin America

Latin girls are some of the most passionate women in the world who arrange equally luxurious weddings. Travel costs in Latin America may vary depending on the destination country:

  1. Colombia – $502.
  2. Bolivia – $588.
  3. Peru – $626.
  4. Ecuador – $708.
  5. Uruguay – $795.
  6. Brazil – $886.
  7. Paraguay – $910.
  8. Argentina – $1,020.
  9. Mexico – $1,182.
  10. Chile – $1,397.

On average, a one-week journey to Latin America will cost $861. As for marriages, the locals spend around $10,000 per wedding. Check the Latin mail order bride costs below.

  • Weekly travel costs – $1,722.
  • Online dating subscriptions – $228.
  • Wedding costs – $10,000.

In total, a Latin American mail-order bride will cost a minimum of $11,950.

Mail order brides cost: is it Cheaper to Date Mail Order Brides Online?

Dating online is generally much cheaper than regular trips or even temporary residence. If you stay for at least four weeks within six months in developing countries, your marriage costs will be 30% higher.

If you spend ten weeks in Latin America, you will pay as much as $18,838 instead of $11,950. In total, an average mail order bride from Russia, Latin America, and Asia will cost around $12,672.

Final Thoughts

Mail order wife cost varies between $15,935 and $34,435 for low-budget and all-inclusive dating options within six months. If you want to save as much money as possible, you can buy a mail-order bride at around $12,672.

It is the lowest tier you should aim at if you wish to visit the country of your mail order bride a couple of times and arrange a memorable wedding ceremony.


How to Get a Mail Order Bride?

Online dating and matchmaking services are the best ways to get a mail-order bride. They provide a safe communication environment and thousands of women at your fingertips.

What to Prefer – Mail Order Bride or Native Girlfriends?

It’s up to you whether to date foreign or native women. Be advised that choosing a lifetime partner doesn’t equal selecting a car, so the wedding price should never be the top priority. Make sure that both of you have strong feelings and mutual goals.

Where is the Best Price for Mail Order Brides?

The best cost of a mail order bride is the one you can afford without straining your budget. As no services or money will guarantee you a 100% match, it’s better to spend only the money you can afford.

Linda May

Linda May

Linda May has a Ph.D. in Psychology. She works as a therapist and helps partners strengthen their relationships, cope with difficulties, and understand each other. Linda is also a dating coach assisting singles in their love search. She knows all the pitfalls of online dating and strives to guide singles through this tricky world.

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