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Serbian Women: What do we know about them?

serbian brides

We know that Serbian women have a very exotic yet classical appearance. They are all slim, tall, and unbelievably attractive. One can notice the well-known aristocratic Slavic traits that are perfectly combined with Mediterranean features. Besides, sexy Serbian girls are quite famous for their friendly, easy-going attitude, openness to new cultures, and a good sense of humor. 

We also know that hot Serbian girls are absolute maximalists: they do everything they can to manage their career, social life and take care of a family. They are perfect in all possible meanings of this word.

Why Serbian Girls Want To Date Foreign Men? 

Most Serbian women are open to dating foreigners. Here are some reasons for that:

  1. Most men share patriarchal values. In particular, many Serbian men believe that women and men have contrasting roles in society: men must work, and women must take care of the household. This old-fashioned outlook no longer satisfies Serbian women. Hence, they prefer dating foreign men to locals. 
  2. Inadequate gender proportion. Serbia has more women than men, making it harder for ladies to find good husbands. Besides, such a distribution grants men a significant advantage and makes them picky and demanding to their potential wives. 
  3. Serbian guys tend to be rude and abrupt. The political situation, the absence of fixed guaranteed income in many cases, and general instability make men vulnerable and angry. Some of them translate this anger and instability to their wives and kids. Living with a Serbian man may sometimes be challenging. Serbian women, on the contrary, seek comfort, support, and a healthy climate, which is why they go for foreign men. 

Serbian Women Characteristics  

Sharp-witted and discerning

It is better not to mess up with or to cheat on a Serbian girl. Somehow, they are discerning enough to tell when someone is lying to them. Serbian women value trust in a relationship over anything else. If you are loyal and your intentions are crystal clear, a Serbian girl will notice it and attribute a great deal of value to you.

Utmost beauty

A typical Serbian girl is tall and slim. Serbians are among the tallest nations in the world, so this isn’t too surprising. Because of their physical parameters, they look indeed sophisticated and feminine. Additionally, Serbian women have beautiful faces: green or brown eyes, straight brown hair, and sharp cheekbones. 

They attribute value to their social circle

Serbian women pay thorough attention to their social circle. They assume that socialization is as important as a career or family, and thus they invest a lot in a friendship. In other words, Serbian women make excellent friends. If she has some tight circle of friends in her 20s, she will likely hang out with the same friends in her 60s. Serbians know how to make lifetime friends, and this is precious. 


Society requires that a Serbian woman takes care of everything: household, kids, man, career, and many more. Thus, women have become accustomed to setting big goals and achieving them at any cost. It is quite interesting that women who fail to become wives or build a career are widely criticized. Fun fact: other women are usually the ones to blame them.

Soigne and stylish

Like all Slavic girls, Serbian women consider it fundamental to distinguish themselves. They usually have a posh sense of style, and they somehow manage to pick clothes that highlight their most prominent features. They also enjoy spending time at beauty studios while getting their hair or nails done. All in all, Serbian women consider taking care of themselves to be a hobby.

serbian women


Serbian women know how to behave and accept contrasting viewpoints. For example, they never talk about politics as this topic is way too controversial in Serbia. Besides, they are tolerant towards all religions and ethnicities, and they are likely to conceal their opinions on arguable topics. 

They are dedicated to their families 

Last but not least, Serbian girls love their families. They usually cherish their parents’ advice and listen to it in the first instance. Besides, they enjoy spending holidays in a family circle. Once they become mothers, they demonstrate how caring they are and how big and unconditional their love can be. 

What Makes a Serbian Woman the Best Wife?  

From early childhood, Serbian women learn to take care of themselves and their families. Despite their tenderness, they have a strong temper. They usually take a lot of responsibility for raising kids, taking care of the house, and making sure that everything is in the right place. 

Serbia has long been a patriarchal country. Even though Serbia is taking a huge step forward and getting rid of its past patriarchal traditions, the latter still affect Serbian women. For example, the male Serbian population has a dominant role, and the women are expected to take care of them, feed them, and so on. Of course, this isn’t the case today, but women are nevertheless devoted to their men, and they believe that taking care of them is their duty. 

Even if a Serbian woman runs a business and works 12 hours a day, she assumes that it is her obligation to cook for her family and do the chores after a long workday. 

Apart from her responsibility and constant care, a Serbian girl deserves the ‘best wife’ title due to her loyalty and trustworthiness. Besides, Serbian women are amazing companions, so you will always enjoy her company, even after being married for 15 years.

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How and Where to Meet Serbian Girls

To meet Serbian mail order brides, you may choose between traveling to Serbia or registering on some online dating websites. 

Visiting Serbia is definitely worthwhile: not only will you finally discover this outstanding country but also get a chance to meet so many beautiful Serbian women. Serbian capital has been rebuilt a multitude of times throughout history, and so the city has become a mix of different cultures. It also has a vibrant nightlife, many clubs and restaurants where you can meet hot Serbian women and easily get in touch with them. Additionally, such an opportunity can let you explore Serbian women’s culture and values in-depth. 

Yet, you might be on a tight budget or have other reasons that prevent you from traveling at the moment. In such a situation, you may use a dating app. Creating an online dating account introduces you to a huge opportunity to meet perfect Serbian babes and date them without leaving your room. All you should do is choose among the variety of dating sites, complete your dating account, indicate your priorities and wishes, and you are all set up.  

Serbian Women Dating: Tips and Cultural Peculiarities 

serbian girls

Ask your date out for coffee 

There is one interesting fact about Serbians: they always drink coffee. It is pretty challenging to find a Serbian woman or man who will be skeptical towards coffee. So, if you want to be chill and casual, simply offer her to drink some coffee. You may conduct a small research, find some local brewery, and take your date to that place. By doing so, you will slowly make yourself a part of her culture. 

Learn something about her country 

Serbian women are quite patriotic. Therefore, it will be a plus if you learn something about her country, show your interest, or just ask her questions about it. You may also learn a couple of nice words in the Serbian language. This will make her heart melt! Just make her feel like you are interested in having a Serbian wife and not the one from Albania, Kosovo, or Bosnia. You will immediately build trust and raise her interest as well. 

Show her your character

Serbia is a religious country. Although not all Serbian people are deeply religious, they all believe that society should be ethical, have high moral standards and a sense of decency. Thus, a Serbian woman will be likely to expect these qualities from you. You may show her that you have serious intentions, good manners, and respect. These are the key things that will make her willingly accept you in her life. 

Let her know that you are serious about your future 

Serbian women are pretty demanding to themselves: they believe that they have no right to fail at career, family, or socialization. Thus, although largely independent, Serbian brides want to be around a man who will support them and assist them morally and financially.

The Verdict

Serbia is one of the most spectacular countries in Europe and is worth a visit. Kind and friendly local ladies are the ones to travel hundreds of miles for! They are cool, intelligent, attractive, and funny - doesn’t this sound like a perfect woman description? If you are fed up with being single, you may download a dating app right now to find a hot Serbian girl. You just need to set your dating goal, set up a matching function, and spend quality time texting Serbian girls.


Do Serbian Girls Like American Men?

If we look at the evidence, we can admit that Serbian girls are into American men. The reason for it is simple: American men’s mindset and values resemble their own. They assume that an American man is a dramatically better match for them than a Serbian.

Do the Serbian Women Speak English?

A language barrier may indeed prevent you from meeting your special one. However, it does not seem to be a case with Serbian women: they can speak English quite well. Serbian women learn English at school, so they can express themselves well enough even if they aren’t fluent. 

What Is The Best Site To Meet Serbian Brides? 

An online dating platform is the easiest and the most convenient place to meet Serbian brides these days. The top site to meet hot Serbian chicks is the one that is reputable, trustworthy, and values customers’ privacy. When choosing a site, it is critical to ensure that it meets your goals and keeps your private data safe.

Linda May

Linda May

Linda May has a Ph.D. in Psychology. She works as a therapist and helps partners strengthen their relationships, cope with difficulties, and understand each other. Linda is also a dating coach assisting singles in their love search. She knows all the pitfalls of online dating and strives to guide singles through this tricky world.

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