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A healthy lifestyle is a national characteristic of Slovenes. For a long time, this country was under the influence of Austro-Hungarian Empire. Therefore, Slovenian women are distinguished not only by Slavic beauty but also by Austrian thoroughness. These females are reliable and loyal companions for their men, which makes them the main priceless treasure of this land.

Slovenian Women: Who Are They?

slovenian women

Many foreigners who visited Slovenia tell about the girls living in this country that they are pleasant, friendly, and strong-willed personalities. They keep self-respect and place themselves on a par with men. Among them, you can find a lot of feminists. First of all, Slovenia girls think about their self-realization, and only then about their families. They are accustomed to being obligatory, keep their word, and deliver on their promises. Above all, decency in actions is essential for Slovenia women.

Lately, a career has come to the fore for Slovenian women. They know several foreign languages, drive a car, and improve their professional skills. But for them, unlike for Russian women, their look is not very important. However, they pay attention to what others say about them. It probably explains their restraint in communication compared to their temperamental Italian neighbors. Under no circumstances are Slovenia women susceptible to despair because they believe that everything turns for the better eventually.

As some of the most Europeanized Slavs, Slovenians are hardworking and responsible. At the same time, Slovenian women are definitely not materialistic, but they believe that every person has to be solvent. The working day in this country starts early in the morning. Local adults finish work at 3-4 pm and have a lot of free time for their families and recreation. After 10 pm, everybody must observe silence. Only the closest people can make a phone call by prior arrangement.

Why Slovenian Girls Want To Date Foreign Men?

Like girls from other countries, Slovenian brides dream of starting a family with a loved man. These young women know exactly what they want to see in their potential husbands. Slovenian women know their worth. They never focus on specific features or material wealth. First of all, the personal qualities of a man are essential for them. Slovenian girls are looking for reliable, loyal, and understanding gentlemen capable of genuinely loving their women and taking care of family and home.

Many Slovenian women have a disappointing dating experience with local men. A lot of Slovenian men cannot or do not want to do everything that these women expect to get. Local men do not know how to court Slovenia ladies, present them cute gifts, and tell nice compliments. It should be noted that hot Slovenian women immediately break up with their boyfriends who didn’t meet their expectations. In this country, local ladies most often become the initiators of breakdowns in relations. Therefore, many Slovenian brides start dating foreign men and finally marry them.

Slovenian Women Characteristics

slovenian brides

What are Slovenian women like? They usually have a typical Slavic appearance with fair skin and brown or blonde hair. Their olive skin tone and excellent figures are top features recognized by men. People say that these women look like Amazons with narrow waists and developed athletic hips. Perhaps, this can be explained by genetics, their healthy lifestyle and sustainable environment. However, you can often meet many smokers among Slovenian women. The entire population of the country, without exception, rides bicycles. 

Beautiful girls in this country can be found no less often than in other Slavic countries such as Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. The concept of an attractive appearance for Slovenian women is neatness. Generally, they take little care of their clothes and rarely use makeup. These females dress with a slight amount of carelessness and believe that a woman is already well-dressed if her clothes and shoes are clean. However, you can find well-groomed and stylishly dressed women in large cities of Slovenia too.

Speaking about Slovenian women traits, we can state that they are very welcoming and pleasant to talk to as they are very educated and well-mannered. Unlike many girls from other countries, Slovenia babes are highly open-minded, honest, and loyal. They are broad-minded, and they know a lot of fascinating stories. They can make a significant contribution to any conversation in which they participate and tell a lot of exciting things about their country.

The calm, unhurried, and measured way of life in Slovenia helps local women keep up with everything. Local people are in no hurry and make decisions slowly and deliberately. Slovenian women are also very punctual. They do not like being late and do not forgive the tardiness of others. It does not matter whether it is an informal meeting or an official event — they always arrive precisely at the appointed time. People believe that coming to date without a gift is better than being late in this country.

Slovenian women are pretty independent and are used to making decisions on their own. In the matter of personal relationships, they are relaxed and progressively-thinking persons. Sex for one night is not considered shameful for them, provided that they really like the partner and he takes the initiative. At the same time, Slovenian girls are romantic and believe in true love that will last forever. They are very fond of flowers, especially unordinary ones.

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What Makes a Slovenian Woman the Best Wife?

Slovenian brides are focused on building a strong family based on mutual respect. All Slovenian girls want to have a loving and faithful husband and children. Slovenia women use a sober approach and logic in their daily life. They always know how much money can be spent on food and other necessities. They never buy too expensive and impractical things. If you choose a Slovenian girl as your wife, you should expect to live with a calculating but wise partner. However, do not expect a Slovenia woman to sit at home and do only household chores happily.

Of course, finding a perfect wife is not easy, and you should not take this issue lightly. It is vital to find a girl who would share your values and interests. It can take time and determination. The combination of beautiful appearance, excellent character, and a prudent approach to everything makes Slovenian brides ideal for Western men. These women know how to make their partners truly happy. A Slovenian bride can surround you with love and care so that you no longer feel alone.

How to Meet Hot Slovenian Girls?

slovenian girls

The country’s capital, Ljubljana, is a great place to meet beautiful and hot Slovenian babes. Here, you can see many historical and cultural attractions, as well as have a great time. During the day, you can try some national dishes in one of the numerous restaurants or at least have a cup of coffee in one of the cozy cafes. You can also walk along wonderful pedestrian streets in the city center near the river. Tivoli Park would also be a convenient spot, or you can try to meet beautiful Slovenian girls at some shopping malls.

Nightlife in Ljubljana is mainly concentrated near the historic city center. In the evenings, the streets are mostly empty since locals spend evenings only with their families and go to bed very early. The best option for a foreigner is to visit nightclubs and bars where music is playing and girls want to get acquainted and have fun with an amazing person. 

Slovenian Dating Culture and Tips

Here are some essential tips on Slovenian women dating and behaving with them:

1. You Should Be Respectful 

When a Slovenian girl meets a foreigner, she needs to make sure he will not make her feel bad, unworthy, or uncomfortable. Demonstrate you are a reliable and kind person with contemporary views on gender roles and equality.

2. Show Good Manners

It is better to speak calmly and in a low voice. Slovenian girls do not like braggers and imposters at all. They respect modest and polished persons, which is exactly the way they try to behave themselves.

3. Get Ready For a Separate Bill 

In their country, Slovenian women are much more practical and independent than men. A local woman would never allow someone to pay for her. In local cafes and restaurants, the bill is brought separately to a girl and a young man without notice.

4. Embrace Slovenian Culture

There is no quicker way to the Slovenian woman’s heart than your sincere interest in Slovenian culture. It is not only about the fascinating traditions and holidays of this country. You might need to learn some expressions in the Slovenian language, find out more about this country, and try delicious local cuisine.

5. Demonstrate Your Kindness

Slovenian women expect to have an unselfish, caring, and supportive man by their side. Little gifts and exciting offers will be met with a positive response. It is not about your money and business income at all. She needs to be sure of your ability to provide for her and the future family financially. 

The Verdict

Women from Slovenia are undeniably beautiful, easy-going, and overall perfect both for serious relationships and marriage. They feature Slavic beauty and European character traits at the same time. Besides, it may seem that they know about everything in the universe and can give helpful advice and the correct answer to any question. In this way, Slovenia brides make ideal wives for single Western men.


Do Slovenian Girls Like American Men?

Yes, for sure. All Slovenian girls seek love, care, and marital harmony. Also, they strive to grow professionally and personally. Thus, they believe that American men can give them what they want to get.

Do Slovenian Women Speak English?

In contrast to women from other countries of the European region, almost all Slovenian women are fluent in English and often in other languages. This can be explained by the significant part of the country’s income coming from tourism and good education.

What Are The Best Websites To Meet Slovenian Brides?

You can find many European dating websites and meet beautiful Slovenian women on their pages. You can try such online resources as,,, and

Linda May

Linda May

Linda May has a Ph.D. in Psychology. She works as a therapist and helps partners strengthen their relationships, cope with difficulties, and understand each other. Linda is also a dating coach assisting singles in their love search. She knows all the pitfalls of online dating and strives to guide singles through this tricky world.

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