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croatian girls And it is not only about nature but also the prettiness of the Croatian women who usually get the foreign men head over heels by their charm, charisma and a wonderful sense of humor. If you are already intrigued and can’t wait to learn everything about Croatian brides, don’t hesitate to proceed to the next chapters revealing all the truth about astonishing Croatian girls.

Why Croatian Women Are so Popular?


The role of appearance in human relations is usually exaggerated, as for the family life, the personality matters a lot more. However, when it comes to the Croatian women, their beauty and impeccable face traits are the first things you notice. Usually tall, curvy but slender, with pale or slightly olive skin, Croatian ladies have been created to love and be loved. Eastern European roots awarded them with light mostly blue or gray eyes and thick silky hair. Walking the streets of any Croatian city would rather seem a visit to the International fashion show, as Croatian women for marriage look like true supermodels aware of their attractiveness and proud of it.


Would you mind having a wife who can easily talk about the recent world events, business, politics, and sports? It is hard to believe a woman who can be both beautiful and smart exists, however, any Croatian girl is living proof of this statement. She likes to be engaged in the conversations, share her opinion, and listen to the others. As a rule, Croatian women get a perfect education, but they never stop in their personal development. Dating a Croatian woman means having a possibility to boast with your lady who, in addition to the unearthly beauty, has a magnificent mind.


Croatian brides like to look chic. They follow the latest fashion trends and constantly work on their sense of style. However, they are not the ones putting tons of makeup on, using the false eyelashes, or living at the office of beauty surgeon. All the Croatian girls know how to value what nature has given to them and take advantage of it.


Unlike the majority of the Eastern European ladies, Croatian brides adore the physical aspect of love and are experts in its practical realization. Your nights with Croatian girl will turn into the unreal pleasure you’ve had a chance to see only in some romantic movies. Love fills every molecule of Croatian air, so the local ladies are perfect lovers with whom you can experience a whole range of emotions and satisfaction. Naturally shy, Croatian women forget about manners when it comes to love.


Being one of the most skillful lovers on Earth, Croatian brides, however, are extremely faithful. If your lady has given you a vow, be sure, these are not the empty words and she really means it. In thin and thick, Croatian woman will be there for you, supporting you in all life storms and sharing the joy of your wins and success. No men exist for her from the moment she has chosen to be yours.


In case you are marrying a Croatian girl, in addition to the perfect wife and brilliant lover, you will get a caring and loving mother to your kids. She will make their childhood unforgettable with a lot of play, adventures, and travels. She will do her best in order for your children to receive the best education and develop their talents. Croatian women strive to share their sense of style with their kids and long to raise them not only smart and educated but also prepared for adult life, kind to people, and empathic. croatia women

Why Are Croatian Mail Order Brides Looking for A Foreign Husband?

Many Croatian girls are looking for a better life. As it’s hard to call this country a rich one, women have to think ahead about their future families. They want to be sure that their kids will have everything they need in life – from high-quality education to professional opportunities. A foreign partner can give financial stability and confidence in the future to a Croatian female. Some women from Croatia wish to find ideal guys online because they were too busy to build relationships. They were working on their careers, they’ve reached their goals, and now they think that it’s time to think of family life. Unfortunately, many Croatian men don’t like independent women who earn more money than they do. That’s why local ladies are searching for foreign guys who don’t believe in the stereotype that a wife shouldn’t bring more cash than her husband. Another explanation of why a Croatian girl might prefer dating foreign guys is a tough experience with a local man. Moreover, she could have more than one complicated relationship with a partner from this country. She believes that somewhere overseas, her fate waits for her, and her boyfriend will be much better than the previous one.

What are Croatian Brides Like

They know how to enjoy life

Croatian brides are extremely calm and never in a rush. They like walking the streets, drinking coffee at some cozy coffeehouse, or just reading a book at the park. Any Croatian girl knows life has a tendency to come to an end, so it is important to enjoy every minute of it. Croatian women are never nervous and know how to solve any situation no matter how difficult it may seem. In all the other cases, they simply wait until the problems pass.

They are brilliant cooks

Croatian cuisine doesn’t give Croatian brides a single chance not to become perfect cooks. Hearty and delicious, it contains thousands of recipes able to serve a magical tool for conquering any man’s attention. When visiting a place of a Croatian girl, be sure a table will be groaning with the delicious dishes, so be ready to eat and don’t forget to pay compliments to your lady.

They are emotional

Croatian girls usually don’t restrain themselves from expressing their thoughts and emotions aloud. In some situations, it may seem that your lady is yelling at you, but most likely it is her nature speaking. They cannot hide their feelings and hope to see the frankness from your side too.

They are sociable

It is impossible to call the Croatian women introverts. They like to be among people, visit parties, dance, and sing. They love traveling in noisy groups and going on vacations with at least a couple of friends. Don’t expect to spend your weekend laying on the sofa and watching TV – with a Croatian girl, your days-off will be active and full of experiences.

They focus on family values

The family is on top of the priority list for any Croatian woman. Croatian girls leave their parents’ homes late but from a young age, any of them dreams to get married and give birth to kids. Croatian brides are raised in very harmonic and loving families, so, they have a very good family model to follow in the future.

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Where you can meet Croatian Brides?

Have you ever been to Croatia? If not, it is a great opportunity to visit it so you can kill two birds with one stone: relax on a beach and meet a gorgeous Croatian girl. But if this option seems rather challenging to you, try online dating. Luckily, there are a lot of websites where you can meet thousands of stunning Croatian mail order brides. Croatian women are very eager to communicate with the foreign guys online and usually hope to meet them in person in case it turns out you have a lot in common.

How to find a Reliable Croatian Dating Website?

In a vast sea of dating platforms for Croatian mail order brides it is important to choose the one which will be the most helpful in your goal to find a perfect Croatian woman. Use these tips to get closer to your Croatian dream. croatian brides

  1. Check the number of profiles The more profiles of the Croatian women for marriage web page features, the better. It increases your chances to meet your one and only. Before registering on any website, check the overall quantity of profiles, the extensiveness of information each of them contains the quality of photos of the Croatian girls, the number of ways each lady can be contacted through, etc. Nowadays, there are a lot of websites featuring fake accounts of the girls just to get the money out of men eager to meet their love online. Be careful and attentive.
  2. Check the payment policy If you are to try your luck on a top-notch dating platform, as a rule you will be charged. Before paying for a membership or any additional services, don’t be a lazy bone and check all the terms and conditions.
  3. Check the security measures The reliable dating web pages take all the necessary measures to prevent the personal and payment data of their users from the leakage to the hands of the frauds. The information about the security policy of the website is usually provided in the corresponding section of the platform. In case you have some additional questions, bother to contact the customer services to clarify everything before you make any online payments.

How to attract a Croatian Girl?

Here are several tips for you to conquer a wild Croatian beauty:

  1. Be who you are. Croatian women appreciate the authenticity of people and can’t stand fakeness. Don’t try to pretend you are a hero or a superman – relax and enjoy conversation.
  2. Express your interest. Demonstrate to your Croatian girl you are interested in everything related to her. Ask her about her family, hobbies, friends and favorite food. Engage her to share her thoughts and emotions. She will definitely appreciate such sincere attention.
  3. Be a gentleman. Surprise her with flowers, small cute presents, take her on a trip or arrange a dinner on a beach – Croatian brides hate boredom, so try to show her you are the one who will make her life bright and full of warm memories.

The Verdict

The idea of marrying one of the Croatian women may seem challenging, as these beauties are a hard nut to crack. They are gorgeous, smart, and self-confident. They easily cope with life troubles and at first, it may seem that they don’t need anyone to support them. But don’t be afraid to look deeper and you will see a little girl living inside every Croatian woman, longing for your love and attention above all.

Linda May

Linda May

Linda May has a Ph.D. in Psychology. She works as a therapist and helps partners strengthen their relationships, cope with difficulties, and understand each other. Linda is also a dating coach assisting singles in their love search. She knows all the pitfalls of online dating and strives to guide singles through this tricky world.

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