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One of the main assets of the small country is beautiful Cambodian women, who are distinguished by their diminutiveness, chiseled body lines, and extraordinary grace. These females look like porcelain figurines, every feature of which demonstrates a harmonious combination of gorgeous appearance and rich inner world. All movements of Cambodian women are fluid and graceful. Beautiful Cambodian girls often participate in high-level beauty contests and perfectly represent their country and people.

Cambodian Women: Who Are These Beauties?

Most of Cambodia’s population is children and young people. In every country, you can find lovely girls, and Cambodia is no exception. Surprisingly, you will meet many pretty and well-groomed women even in the deep of the countryside. Outwardly, Cambodian girls stand out among the representatives of Southeast Asia with a bit larger facial features, wide-set and almond-shaped eyes, as well as plump and clearly outlined lips.

The beauty of Cambodian women was well-known even in ancient times. On the bas-reliefs of the most ancient temples, you can see images of beautiful dancers. They were called Apsaras, the performers of the old dance, which was formed under the influence of India. According to Hindu mythology, the Apsaras entertained the celestials in the kingdom of the God Indra. For centuries, dancers have had strict requirements for their appearance, such as small stature, thin waist, wide hips, high breasts, as well as graceful feet and arms.

Contemporary Cambodian women are not inferior to Apsaras in appearance. At present, being a dancer in Cambodia is a prestigious job. Cambodian girls study this art of dance in special schools. To look like goddesses, dancers try to keep their skin color as light as possible. By nature, swarthy Cambodian women do not spare funds for sunscreen and skin whitening products. A gentle look, welcoming smile, and sexy movements give them a special charm and uniqueness worldwide.

Are Cambodian Girls Willing To Date Western Men?

Many single men from other countries of the world believe that Cambodian women are the most beautiful females in Eastern Asia. There were many tragic periods in the country’s history. For example, the Khmer Rouge regime and the accompanying genocide. These events set the country back for several decades and made it one of the poorest countries in Asia. Therefore, Cambodian brides do not want to live in poverty and use every opportunity to leave their country for good.

Hot Cambodian girls consider it fortunate to marry foreign men. In this country, prostitution and women trafficking are common occurrences. The state takes measures to eliminate these phenomena, and therefore there are restrictions for foreign men. According to the law, a foreigner must first talk to his future spouse’s parents. If you want to marry a Cambodian girl, you have to ask her hand in the traditional way and register the marriage at the municipal level in Cambodia.

To officially marry a Cambodia woman, a foreign man must be under 50 years old and have a stable income. In practice, a foreign man with his Cambodian bride can move to a neighboring country, such as Thailand, and get married officially there. Traditionally, the husband has to pay a ransom for the bride to her family, which usually ranges from $ 1,000 to $ 20,000, depending on the family’s wealth and the girl’s education. Plus, the man needs to provide monthly financial assistance to his wife’s family.

cambodian girls

Top Character Features of Cambodian Women

The national character of Cambodian women is known worldwide. These are calm and restrained females who love their country and honestly believe in Buddha. Women in Cambodia are traditionally considered to be humble, quiet, and well-mannered. The appearance of Cambodian girls is harmoniously combined with their inner calmness and peacefulness. Cambodian women’s graceful gait and movements should be so quiet that only the sound of their silky skirts should be heard.

Cambodian women are distinguished by bright optimism, hospitality, and friendliness. Simultaneously, many Cambodian girls can be shy and feel uncomfortable with the presence of foreign men. It makes communication with them challenging. Sometimes, Cambodian women can look thoughtful and detached, but they look incredibly charming at the same time. However, you cannot meet too many shy women in tourist places since those females are used to communicating with foreigners.

Cambodian women are very self-confident and have a modern outlook on life. Fragility and diminutiveness do not prevent Cambodian girls from doing a variety of jobs. For instance, they are perceived as the best weavers and dressmakers. It invariably affects the Cambodian girls’ appearance since they can create unique clothes and also wear them. To emphasize their femininity, Cambodian girls put on the national dress to show the beautiful curves of their bodies.

In recent years, Cambodian women have become more active in social life. They are striving for equal rights with men in traditionally male-dominated jobs and politics. In addition, some young Cambodians, especially in Phnom Penh, the capital city, openly drink alcohol in restaurants and bars. Since childhood, any Cambodian girl knows what to do and how to make money. She believes there are no hopeless situations, and she never gets discouraged. If necessary, a hot Cambodian girl can even become a fancy model.

The inquisitive nature of Cambodian women and their insatiable desire to learn new things means they are keen to devour information about any foreign culture and way of life while striving to share particular elements of their own. Shy and humble Cambodian girls can be cheerful, delightful in communication, and open to new acquaintances. Besides, Cambodian women are very tolerant to any manifestations of foreigners’ dissent or ignorance of local laws and traditions.

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What Makes Cambodian Women Desirable Wives?

Religious traditions and the institution of the family are especially revered in Cambodia. Most Cambodian girls strive to preserve their virginity until marriage. Cambodian wives believe that married men should work, and their wives have to do household chores and raise children. Hardworking Cambodian women play the roles of trustees, caretakers, and financial managers in their families. They are known for their dedication and loyalty — widows very seldom marry again.

In fact, an unrecognized matriarchy has been established in Cambodia. Although Cambodian women are unpretentious and undemanding, they strive to resolve all issues in their families. These women own businesses, earn money, build houses, and raise children, which are of the most significant value for these ladies. A man will never go hungry with such wives. According to accepted standards in the country, Cambodian women must serve their husbands and obey their wishes under any circumstances.

Cambodia brides become the best wives due to their docile and non-adversarial nature. It is not easy to imagine them behaving aggressively or disrespectfully with their husbands. It seems that a sweet smile never leaves their faces when they are with their loved ones. In addition, the code of conduct encourages Cambodian women never to share what is happening in their homes with others, be they relatives or strangers.

cambodian brides

Where Can You Meet Cambodian Ladies?

Cambodia is a country with a rich history and unique cultural heritage. Foreign men usually come to this country to see the many attractions, have beach holidays, and meet beautiful Cambodian women for marriage. The capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh, which is located along the banks of three rivers, looks nothing like a modern metropolis. The absence of skyscrapers and public transport allows foreigners to forget they are in the country’s main city.

Since Phnom Penh is situated far from the sea coast, travelers who come here only need a couple of days to visit the main city attractions. The capital has a developed tourist infrastructure. In a variety of restaurants, cafes, and bars, you can taste the local cuisine, as well as meet Cambodian women. The Sisowath embankment and Riverside are the best areas in Phnom Penh to familiarize yourself with the way of how young Cambodian singles have fun and relax. Here are some popular places you can visit:

  • Eclipse Sky Bar (Phnom Penh Tower, 23rd Floor);
  • La Croisette Bar (241, Preah Sisowath Quay);
  • Le Moon Rooftop Bar (154, Dekcho Damdin Street);
  • Riverhouse Lounge (157, Sisowath Quay SK Psa Kandal 1);
  • Shanghai Bar and Restaurant (51, Rue Pasteur).

Many single Cambodian women dream of meeting attractive foreign men and having a good time with them. Hot Cambodian girls love to hang out, dance and have fun with friends in the evenings. You will be able to understand whether the girl wants to know you by one glance. Smile at her and offer her a drink. Start a pleasant conversation, and do not forget to compliment during Cambodian women dating. Also, they will be happy to suggest some vibrant places to visit. For example, you can go to the following nightclubs:

  • Beliiza KTV (174, Oknha Ket Street);
  • Club Love (3 Street 278 Wat Langka);
  • Pontoon Club (80, Jayavarman 7 Street);
  • Secrets Bar & Club (42-44, Oknha In Street);
  • Town Entertainment Club (118, Preah Chey Chetha Street).

Some Practical Recommendations on Dating in Cambodia

If you come across a Cambodian girl you like, feel free to ask whether she is married. According to Cambodian dating culture, this is not considered indecent. However, you will feel better knowing that the girl of your liking does not have a jealous husband. If you consider meeting cambodian girls for marriage, you should keep in mind that it is not customary to touch someone else’s head, point the finger at another person, put the feet on the table, and demonstrate the soles of shoes. Also, while Cambodian girl dating, you should not give or receive anything with both hands. It can only be done with a “clean” right hand.

Dating Cambodian girls can bring you a lot of pleasure. Smiling Cambodian girls never show displeasure or anger. These ladies can easily find a common language with foreigners, and you will be able to talk about various topics in English. However, you may feel a cultural barrier when dating a Cambodian woman. You may not always understand your Cambodian girlfriend as she will only smile and giggle all the time. She will expect from you some romantic gestures more than expensive presents.

Although many people think that Cambodian girls are very accessible, most local beauties are not looking for a one-night stand with a foreigner. A decent Cambodian woman will not go to the man’s place and have sex with him until he proposes to her or at least declares his love. If the girl reveals the bad man’s intentions, she can quietly disappear, and you will not see her again. At the same time, you should stay away from night butterflies, who only want to shake foreigners down for some cash.

The Verdict

Cambodia women have childishly charming faces, slender bodies, as well as a peaceful and pliant nature. With such girls, almost any Western man will feel very comfortable and happy. No wonder a foreigner can easily fall in love with a Cambodian mail order bride at first sight. If you decide to marry one of these beauties, you will never regret your choice. Your Cambodian wife will always try her best to look after you and your home. Thus, all your friends and acquaintances will envy you in a good way.


Do Cambodian Girls Like American Men?

Many Cambodian brides consider it a stroke of tremendous luck to meet a gallant, attractive, and wealthy American man and marry him.

Do Cambodian Women Speak English?

Yes. Almost all Cambodian girls learn English in schools. Besides, many of them know French since France has ruled Cambodia for a long time.

What Is The Best Site To Meet Cambodian Brides?

You can find many lovely Cambodian mail order brides on one of the Asian or Cambodian dating websites, such as Asian Date Net, Asian Dating, Cambodian Dating, and Seeking Arrangement.

Linda May

Linda May

Linda May has a Ph.D. in Psychology. She works as a therapist and helps partners strengthen their relationships, cope with difficulties, and understand each other. Linda is also a dating coach assisting singles in their love search. She knows all the pitfalls of online dating and strives to guide singles through this tricky world.

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