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bulgarian girls Smart and sexy, they fire the imagination of all the men who are willing to find the love of their lives and create families. Learn about the appearance of Bulgarian brides, their personalities and lifestyle in order to be armed to the teeth in your important mission of conquering the heart of these exotic beauties.

Why Bulgarian Women Are so Popular?

Bulgarian brides are extremely desired by all the men in the world. And here is why:

They are diverse in their beauty

Bulgaria is a melting pot of ethnicities. Don’t be surprised Bulgarian girls can be both blue-eyed and fair-haired, as well as raven-haired and dark-eyed. The gypsy’s blood is running in their veins contributing much to the face traits and passionate temper of any Bulgarian woman. In their majority, Bulgarian women are tall and slim, however, it is hard not to notice their seductive curves. Any Bulgarian girl cares much about her appearance. She knows thousands of beauty secrets which are being passed on from generation to generation. Bulgarian brides just love wearing makeup, setting their hair in the complicated hairdos, and buying stylish clothes. Walking the streets of Sofia may seem like visiting some world-class fashion show, as any of the Bulgarian girls looks like a supermodel.

They are passionate about life

Boredom is the last thing you would experience with any of the beautiful Bulgarian women. They know how to enjoy life and take a maximum of it. Journeys, beach parties, dinners with friends – the life of any Bulgarian girl may seem a breathtaking movie. She strives for new experiences, people, places, and emotions, and longs to share all these with her beloved one.

They are hospitable

If the Bulgarian woman invites you for a cup of coffee, be sure, the table will be groaning from the delicious dishes of the local cuisine. Bulgarian brides are masters in cooking and love preparing food. The atmosphere which prevails in the homes of any Bulgarian girl is extremely friendly and soothing. In case you are invited to visit the Bulgarian party or a family dinner, the feeling you are at your own home among the dearest people won’t leave you during the whole night.

They like to take care of their family nest

Bulgarian women aren’t afraid of the household duties and easily cope with them. Making their house comfortable and cozy is one of the hobbies of any Bulgarian girl. With all her love and loyalty to the man, Bulgarian woman tries to do her best to turn her place into an oasis where her husband can relax and have a rest from all the life storms.

They are amusing

A talent for telling jokes is in the nature of any Bulgarian lady. No matter where you are and what you do – work, party or have dinner with friends, your sexy Bulgarian girl won’t miss the opportunity to amaze everyone with her wittiness and an excellent sense of humor. And if your bride is beautiful, smart and amusing, is there any reason to ask for anything else?

Bulgarian women take the people the way they are

Bulgarian girls are rather down-to-earth people and don’t harbor any unrealistic illusions regarding happy life and perfect matches. They realize any person has its weaknesses and it is not a reason to make a mountain out of a molehill. Bulgarian brides value all the sides of human personality and don’t try to change or “improve” a man in any way. bulgaria women

Why Are Bulgarian Mail Order Brides Looking for A Foreign Husband?

Bulgarian women are often encouraged to become mail order brides because they can’t find worthy partners in their native country. Local females are hard-working and goal-oriented, and most men are lazy and prefer a relaxed way of life. It’s a big problem for a Bulgarian girl to meet someone who will be a good husband because it seems like all the normal guys already have families. Bulgarian men relax when they get a woman they want and don’t work on the development of their couple. That’s why many females are simply disappointed by their previous relationships, and they decide to try luck with men from other areas. Such a woman believes that foreign guys respect women more than local men. She strives to find a partner who will have the same relationship desires – devotion, honesty, generosity, and appreciation. Guys in Bulgaria aren’t romantic, and that’s also a reason why local girls register on international matchmaking sites. It’s banal, but females want to receive flowers and gifts, enjoy compliments, and feel an appropriate attitude. They believe that foreign guys act like gentlemen who open the doors for girls and help them put off a coat at a restaurant.

What are Bulgarian Brides Like

It is possible to talk a lot about the perfection of Bulgarian women. But what is hidden beneath a beautiful appearance and a strong personality? Let’s check.


Bulgarian brides are extremely empathetic and would be happy to offer their help whatever the situation. Usually, they volunteer at animal shelters or help people with disabilities. They do care about our planet and try to lead an eco-friendly life. Anyone would be proud to have such a conscious wife who is beautiful and smart at the same time.


At a very young age, any of the Bulgarian women completely realizes the meaning of the word “independence”. Bulgarian girls start making their first money in school and have a part-time job while at college. They prefer having their own place, so Bulgarian brides tend to leave their parents’ home early. As a rule, any Bulgarian woman obtains higher education, finds a prestigious job, and can totally care about herself and her parents. Such a lifestyle makes these ladies strong and self-confident, which greatly influences the romantic relationship any Bulgarian girl is looking for.


Despite their immense inner power, Bulgarian brides always put family on top of their life priorities. Any Bulgarian woman feels happy when she takes care of her husband by ironing his shirts, as well as her kids, by baking their favorite pie on the weekend. Household routine doesn’t bother her, as each Bulgarian girl knows how to successfully combine her job and family life.


Like Italian women, Bulgarian girls are the ones experiencing difficulties when restraining their true feelings and emotions. Your Bulgarian lady can scream and shout at you as loud as laugh at the moments of joy and happiness. You will always know how she feels, so, there will be no need to guess her desires. However, their mood varies with the unbelievable speed, so, be careful not to get on her bad side.


All the Bulgarian women are really smart. In addition to the excellent education, they have a perfect mindset which helps them become reliable and irreplaceable partners in any type of business. For the guys from abroad, it is extremely easy to communicate with the Bulgarian women for marriage, as all of them speak several foreign languages.

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Where you can meet Bulgarian Brides?

Bulgaria is a perfect country to visit no matter what type of vacation you prefer – summer with catching sun on the sandy beaches, or winter holidays with skiing and having fun in the snow. In case you feel like traveling, don’t hesitate to book your flight tickets to visit Bulgarian resorts where you will easily meet the outstanding Bulgarian women. In case you would rather stay at home but still don’t give up hope to meet your one and only, try your luck on the international and local dating platforms where you would be able to communicate with a lot of beautiful Bulgarian mail order brides. Keep reading to find out how to choose the best and the most reliable website.

How to find a Reliable Bulgarian Dating Website?

1. Check its overall design

Any dating website should be designed professionally enough to make its potential users stay on it as long as possible. It should be not only comfortable but also look stylish from the aesthetic point of view. Estimate the selection of colors, placement of content blocks, intuitiveness of navigation – all these details should be taken into account.

2. Pay attention to the profiles

If the website positions itself as a reliable one, it should feature a lot of profiles of real Bulgarian women for marriage. Check the extensiveness of information each profile contains, the quality of photos, the channels you can use to liaise with the Bulgarian mail order bride, the ways the customer support is provided etc. A truly legit web page would have all these things done on the highest level possible.

3. Protection of personal data

In case the dating website charges payment for its services, it should take the proper measures to prevent the personal and payment data of its users from the leakage to the hands of frauds. Learn what policy the chosen platform is pursuing in order to make its visitors feel safe and secure. bulgarian mail order bride

How to attract a Bulgarian Girl?

Bulgarian women are a hard nut to crack. But there is nothing impossible in this world. Follow these simple tips to make your dreamlike Bulgarian girl fall in love with you in a blink of an eye.

1. Behave like a gentleman

Any girl would appreciate it if a man treats her like a princess, even such a strong and self-confident lady as a Bulgarian woman. Take a bunch of her favorite flowers to your first date and pamper her with small cute presents. It doesn’t cost much but will be of good service to your future relations.

2. Don’t restrict her freedom

Bulgarian girl is not the one who would be sitting at home all day long meekly waiting for you to come back from work. She likes to do housework but only when she has free time from her job and numerous hobbies. In case you are searching for a servant, Bulgarian brides are definitely not your type.

3. Worship her

As has already been said, Bulgarian girls pay a lot of attention to their makeup and clothes. Don’t forget to compliment her and demonstrate you are proud to have such a beautiful girlfriend.

The Verdict

In case you are looking for a beautiful and at the same time smart and self-confident woman, try your luck communicating with the Bulgarian mail order brides. Hot and sexy, they are kind-hearted and know how to share their love with the dearest ones. No need to look for the better candidate to become your wife and future mother for your kids: Bulgarian woman will brilliantly cope with both roles.

Linda May

Linda May

Linda May has a Ph.D. in Psychology. She works as a therapist and helps partners strengthen their relationships, cope with difficulties, and understand each other. Linda is also a dating coach assisting singles in their love search. She knows all the pitfalls of online dating and strives to guide singles through this tricky world.

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