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How can we describe beautiful Burmese brides in a nutshell? If we were to depict them in a sentence or two, here is what we would say: Burmese women are lovely, supportive, and utterly grateful. They will never give you discomfort or annoyance; on the contrary, a perfect Burmese bride is the one who is always there when you need her and who respects both your and her privacy. However, this is the least we can say; Burmese women are totally more than just beautiful faces and kind nature. They are simply outstanding brides, so why not stop for a second and take a look at what makes their Myanmar beauties so irresistible?

Are Burmese Girls Into Foreigners And Why?

The situation with marriage and women’s rights in the country is so far a delicate topic. First of all, the authorities have constantly been trying to limit the marriages between Burmese women and foreign men. However, a woman is allowed to marry a man abroad, out of Myanmar. That is why marriages between Burmese women and American gentlemen are pretty often the case. 

One reason why Myanmar ladies feel like marrying a foreign man is that living in Myanmar is like being stuck in a time capsule. Even though the country is unique and exciting to explore for travelers, the ambitious young generation finds it quite suffocating to live there. Despite the country’s old-fashioned tradition and lifestyle, the youth is gradually becoming a part of a developing digitalized society and aims at more significant things. That is why hot Burma girls seek ways to extend their horizons and spend the best time of their lives with someone they will manage to realize their goals. All in all, Burmese girls want to keep up with the constantly developing world, travel, get to know new people, which is why they feel more comfortable marrying a foreign man. 

Some Prominent Burmese Women Characteristics 

They are confident 

Burmese women are perfectly shy but also confident. What’s good, they aren’t too self-confident and arrogant, but they perfectly know their value. Thankfully, Burma is a country with pronounced gender equality, which brings women some high social status and provides for making career achievements. 

Burmese women are good at making important decisions: it was actually a woman who pulled the country out of a long-lasting crisis a couple of decades ago. All in all, Burmese women are treated fairly and equally; thus, women who live in such a democratic society are confident and opinionated on all social, economic, and family issues.  

Magical beauty 

A typical Burma girl has a striking appearance that makes everyone around her assume that she underwent plastic surgery. Although it is hard to believe that a woman can have such a soft, doll-like complexion, she actually can if she’s Burmese. She has everything any Asian girl dreams about: big almond-shaped eyes, bow-shaped plumpy lips, light skin, and dark bouncy hair. A Burmese girl has an appearance that is, roughly spoken, a standard for all cosmetologists and plastic surgeons. After you see the beauty of a Myanmar girl, you will get another new perception of Asian beauty. 

burmese women

Some of the kindest women ever

Kindness and openness is another valuable feature that characterizes Burmese women. They are incredibly warm-hearted and helpful. Once a Burmese girl sees a stray dog, she will probably take it home. Otherwise, she will at least find some food to make a tiny canine feel happier. Or, if you get lost in the city and kindly ask her for directions, she will find the best way to assist you. Whenever she sees someone in trouble, she will make everything possible to help, and that is what makes Burmese women excellent in all meanings of the word. 

Family first  

Family plays a critical role in the life of every Burmese woman; exceptions aren’t likely to exist. What is good, Burmese women prefer to keep their family, career, and social life in balance. Once you travel to Burma, you will most likely get to know women who love their families more than anything; but you will hardly meet those who sacrifice their education, work, or socialization. Burmese women know exactly what makes their lives fulfilled, and they do everything to succeed in all aspects that matter.

Why is a Burmese Woman the Best Wife? 

Great morality 

Burmese women are incredibly wholesome and pure. One reason is, they are usually raised in a highly religious background that teaches them key moral values. As they grow up, they learn the fundamentals of the family and acknowledge what a happy family should look like. Simply put, Burmese women consider family to be an essential union that must be preserved by all means.


As we mentioned earlier, Burmese women put family above anything else. They do strive to meet the right guy to share the sweetest moments of life and start a family. Once she recognizes her Mr. Right, Burmese girls do everything to keep this relationship and make it grow into something bigger. Burmese women aren’t likely to exchange a pure relationship with their beloved man for a one-night-stand or any short-time affair, which is why we believe that we can fairly deem these ladies loyal. 

Helpful attitude 

Burmese women always share responsibility and never put the weight of critical decisions and tasks on the shoulders of their men. They are always there to give a helping hand and step in when needed. Besides, they provide their men with the amount of support necessary to overcome difficulties and move on. So if you are wondering whether Burmese women are right for marriage, the answer is yes. 

Obedient nature

Burmese women are incredibly grateful for the men who show them their respect due to their own respectful nature. They never judge their men, even when they may not be right. However, Burmese women always have their opinion on different issues and always know how to defend them. These women are perfect wives due to their warm, kind personality; just treat your wife with respect and support in turn. 

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Places Where you Can Get to Know Burmese Girls

If you are looking forward to meeting Burmese women, your first option would be to travel to Myanmar. If you enjoy collecting experiences and traveling across exotic countries, Myanmar is the right choice. However, you do not necessarily have to limit yourself to traveling to Myanmar exclusively. For example, Thailand is home to many Burmese-speaking people, so you can definitely find Burmese mail-order brides there. Besides, you can visit Singapore or Malaysia to meet Burmese brides, and there are quite many of them! All in all, you can explore picturesque Asia while enjoying Burmese dating.

You might experience difficulties with picking up local girls on-site: the nightlife in Myanmar does not look like elsewhere in Europe or the US. In other words, you will hardly find any bars or nightclubs to get to know Burmese women. However, Yangon, the city in Burma, has some nightclubs where your chances of finding a Burmese girlfriend are slightly higher than in the rest of the country. 

myanmar women

Nevertheless, you may still approach local girls during the day if you’re lucky enough. Indeed, you will hardly meet any woman freely enjoying a drink in a nightclub; you will definitely bump into some at parks, cafes, or shopping stores. However, it would help if you tried to keep it casual and avoid making it look like you’re picking up girls. 

Even though meeting Burmese girls on-site can be quite a challenge, this does not mean that you cannot experience Burmese dating. Dating Burmese girls is fun and easy! All you should do is just install a dating app or simply launch it in your browser. Most Burmese girls are pretty shy to meet strangers right in the streets. Nevertheless, they are usually open to new international experiences, which is why Burmese women are quite common users of dating apps. Installing a dating app and paying a member’s fee has proven to be a cheap and secure way to meet women from all over the world and get the most out of international dating. 

A Piece of Advice on Burmese Dating

When considering international dating, be it with Burmese, Singaporean, or Malaysian women, it is vital to consider each culture’s culture and traditions. Some traditions are rather formalities that aren’t likely to affect dating culture, while others are fundamental and should under no circumstances be neglected. Below, we will describe multiple dating tips that will help you to plan a date with a Burmese girl.

It is time to take the lead

Burmese women tend to fall for decisive, opinionated men. It does not matter whether it is about picking a dinner spot, ordering food, or selecting the time you’ll pick up your girlfriend – you should demonstrate your decisiveness. Your initiative and the confidence you illuminate will excite your date! So, the main idea is, don’t act like you’re indifferent between two options – show her what you want. 

Treat your date with respect and help her 

Like most Asian women, Burmese mail order brides are strongly independent. They are fine with doing everything on their own, be it paying for themselves, holding packages, or anything else. However, they have nothing against men taking care of them and treating them with care and respect. Next time you see her holding a heavy bag, hurry up to take it. Or if she struggles with preparing some sophisticated meal, don’t be afraid to offer her your help! You will immediately see a smile and tears of joy on her face! What could be more pleasant than making your woman feel good? 

The Verdict

If you wonder what dating a Burma hot girl will give you, we hurry up to provide you with the answer: warmth, joy, and lifetime happiness. They are the most grateful females in the world, and they perfectly know the value of all the good things men do for them. If you are struggling to find a way Burmese woman’s heart, just treat her with the respect she deserves, be generous, talk about her, and discuss your future plans with your bride. Once you prove to her that your intentions are marriage-oriented and serious, she will give you her heart. If starting a family with an easy-going, caring, and brilliant wife sounds good to you, consider Burmese mail order bride dating!  


Do Burmese Girls Like American Men?

Despite the exotic nature and cultural peculiarities, Burmese women get on well with foreign men, and American guys aren’t an exception. Burmese ladies feel comfortable about American men, and such comfort is mutual. Plus, judging from the gradually growing number of marriages between Burmese women and American men, we admit that Burmese girls are certainly into them. 

Do Burmese Women Speak English?

Even though the language barrier often prevents many singles from meeting, this problem isn’t about to happen if you approach Burmese women. The truth is, local girls are quite fluent in English since it is the second language in their country. So, the answer is, yes, Burmese women speak English quite well. 

What Is The Best Site To Meet Burmese Brides?

Finding a perfect Burmese wife is quite a reality since a lot of them have online dating accounts. These days, you can access a multitude of websites where you can undoubtedly meet Burmese women. And if you are wondering how to choose the best site, look up its rating, testimonials. And don’t forget to check privacy features!

Linda May

Linda May

Linda May has a Ph.D. in Psychology. She works as a therapist and helps partners strengthen their relationships, cope with difficulties, and understand each other. Linda is also a dating coach assisting singles in their love search. She knows all the pitfalls of online dating and strives to guide singles through this tricky world.

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