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italian girls Those men who met many women of different nationalities will probably admit that Italian girls cannot be compared with others.

Why Are Italian Mail Order Brides so Popular?

Many tourists after their trip along the Apennine peninsula remain fascinated not only by the landscapes or ancient frescoes but primarily by the charming local women and the prevailing atmosphere of love. Indeed, Italian women look quite happy. They are full of emotions and have fun almost all the time. These sensual brown-haired women quickly walk in high heels along uneven cobblestones of narrow city streets with incomprehensible skills.

Italian Women Are Very Passionate

They are kind-natured and ready to give the shirt off their back for helping friends or family members. However, if you abuse their kindness, you can enter a dangerous zone. Don’t flatter yourself that Italian women look so innocent. You can compare the anger of an Italian woman with something like a small-scale version of Hiroshima or a tornado that never stops in gaining momentum. On the other hand, they can be relentless and practical. This combination makes such unique creatures of them. They have big and soft hearts, but they are also not afraid to fight for their loved ones. Who can be sexier than a woman full of passion?

They Have Very Sexy Figures

All women have different bodies, regardless of their ethnicity, but Italian women can boast very voluptuous body shapes. Men admire their bends with a big difference between a thin waist and large hips. Mostly, they have magnificent figures, brown eyes, dark hair, and tanned skin. Of course, not every Italian woman looks like a movie star, but all of them are incredibly confident in themselves.

Family Is Always In the First Place for Italian Women

It is an undeniable fact that the family is of utmost importance to Italian women. They may have a dozen cousins, but it is not even the beginning of a list that includes other close and distant relatives. It is easy to make friends with an Italian woman, but as soon as you make a wrong move or say something discourteous about her family, you can get into the division of her worst enemies. As a rule, Italian families accept strangers very kindly, so don’t be surprised to be welcomed with open hearts, sincere smiles, and firm handshakes.

They Strive for Playing the Major Role in Their Families

Contemporary young Italian women are no longer in a hurry to get married as before. Typically, they begin to think about marriage after thirty years old, like in other European countries. First, they try to make careers in large firms or achieve excellent results in a small family business. Only after that, they consent for holy matrimony. In Italian families, the power of women extends not only to the house and children but also to their husbands and other relatives. The modern emancipated Italian women always want to control their husbands. Not all men like such a state of affairs. A lot of men want to maintain an unshakable authority over their women. Because of these controversial opinions, a need to get divorced may appear, but this is a very complicated matter in Italy.

Italian Women Are Hospitable and Cook Incredibly

They take the cuisine very seriously. Pizza is just the tip of the iceberg. Lunch in Italy consists of at least three courses with an endless amount of wine. You eat until your stomach is full, and then you eat a little more. Your plate is filled three or four times, but the mistress of the house will always tell you that you are not eating enough. If you refuse food, you can insult the family and all their ancestors. An essential feature of long meals is that Italian women like to gather their families at the table. The food itself serves as an addition to communication. italian brides

Why Are Italian Mail Order Brides Looking for A Foreign Husband?

Italian women don’t mind having relationships with foreigners. In this regard, they are open-minded and never think of dating a person from another county as something abnormal. More than that, lots of Italian women prefer North American men. They know that Canadians and Americans can be some of the most polite and caring partners. They also consider North American appearance way more appealing. At the same time, they put personal qualities into key priority. And many Italian girls are impressed with the reliability and loyalty of American guys. The thing is, besides being romantic, flirting, and sensual, Italian men are common cheaters. Up to half of men in Italy have cheated their partners at least once. Considering how jealous and possessive women of Italy are, they cannot tolerate such mistreatment from the local men. American guys, to the contrary, consider cheating miserable and abominable. Italian girls know that men from the US or Canada will most likely not break their hearts. And it makes them much more favorable in the minds of the women from Italy. That is why, when visiting Italy for chatting with the local girls on the dating sites, you will feel a genuine interest and excitement from these women.

What Are Italian Brides Like?

Italians marry reluctantly and late enough. The average age for a woman is 33 years old and 37 for a man. Several years can elapse after a proposal with the ring and a wedding itself. Sometimes, rings don’t mean a wedding at all — many young people wear them just to show their status. By tradition, on the wedding day, the bride should wear five auspicious symbols:

  • A new thing as a symbol of new life;
  • An old object as a symbol of her past;
  • A borrowed item as a symbol of love for friends;
  • A donated piece as a symbol of close people care and
  • Something blue like a symbol of sincerity and purity of the bride.

Wedding Dress

According to the custom, the bride’s family buys her new clothes, underwear, and accessories. The groom does not have to pay for her clothes during the first year of the joined life. Choosing a wedding dress in Italy is a basis for incredible superstitions. The color of the wedding dress matters. It is believed that a white outfit gives a favor from fate, an ivory dress predicts a stormy life, and the pink one means a danger of financial disaster. Then, an Italian bride in a wedding dress should not look at the mirror on this day. If it is necessary, the bride should first take off her shoe, earring, or glove.

Bridal Veil

In many regions of Italy, the veil length depends on the number of years the girl spent as an official bride. Each year corresponds to one meter of fabric. In addition, the bride’s veil is considered a symbol of good luck if a happy married woman presents it.

Garters of the Bride

Getting a bride’s garter is a good sign. This custom dates back to the seventeenth century when unmarried guests had to take hold of the bride’s garter by all means. This custom has changed with time, and now a piece of fasteners should be thrown into the crowd of guests. To prevent the bride from damaging her luxurious dress, the groom usually does it. If the bride does not have garters, her right shoe has to be thrown in the crowd of unmarried people.

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Where Can You Meet Single Italian Ladies?

Despite the outstanding Italian temperament, it is not customary to get acquainted on the streets. Youngsters and people under the age of forty prefer to spend time in clubs and bars, drinking soft beverages from seven in the evening until early morning. Girls usually pay for themselves, and communication occurs on an equal footing. Italian men rarely show interest to girls and undertake any attempts to get acquainted with these beautiful fairies. Therefore, many Italian girls want to meet real gentlemen from other countries who know how to care for ladies, show signs of attention, and give even little, but cute gifts. It is easy to present virtual gifts on a dating website. Any Italian girl will surely appreciate such a pleasant surprise. All in all, finding a pretty girl online and getting the pleasure of talking with her is quite possible. Moreover, it is much more convenient than spending time and effort on a trip to Italy without any guarantee of meeting a soul mate.

How to Find a Reliable Italian Dating Website?

Foreign men always have a perfect option of meeting Italian mail order brides on one of the dating websites. To make this communication really pleasant and avoid disappointments when looking for a romantic relationship with one of Italian mail order brides, it is worth observing five basic safety principles, namely: italian women

  1. Do not visit unverified dating websites, especially if they are advertised as spam.
  2. Do not open emails from unknown senders.
  3. Do not answer messages if they cause even the slightest suspicion.
  4. Do not trust unnecessarily generous and dubious offers, even if some beautiful girls do it.
  5. Last but not least, use reliable software to protect your computer.

Five Tips on Dating an Italian Girl

  1. The best way to win the heart of an Italian girl is to advise her good friends. Meet the girl’s closest friends and gradually gain their trust. It can be the first step to the heart of your beloved one. With her friends’ support, try inviting her for a date. If you are lucky, you will start your long relationship with her in this way.
  2. Asking an Italian woman for dinner is a responsible and challenging thing to do in Italy. Usually, a man decides on this only after he makes sure that she feels comfortable in his company. If your invitation is premature, this offer will likely be rejected, even though she likes you.
  3. It is not customary in Italy to give flowers, except for the cases of essential events. Also, you are unlikely to win the favor of an Italian woman in one evening. After you spend a lovely evening with her in a bar and take her home, don’t think that she is yours. Italian women are not used to hasty decisions. You should be ready to play a long game.
  4. If your relationship with a beautiful Italian girl develops very quickly, be prepared for a grueling acquaintance with her parents. Most Italian men are not very enthusiastic to talk too much with their girl’s parents. Although in most cases, family dinner is not so dangerous. Most likely, you will just drink a couple of cocktails with your future father-in-law in a bar.
  5. Young Italian women most often prefer urban men, rather than residents of the province. They like men who have the same vision of life, common friends, and other acquaintances. Italian women are generally impressed by stylishly dressed foreigners who speak their native language. It is not necessary to speak Italian fluently. Just a few words will be enough.

The Verdict

If you want to win the heart of an Italian woman, show her your respect and sincere feelings. In this way, you will have a chance to find out what true Italian love is and understand the genuine meaning of the expression “Dolce Vita!”

Linda May

Linda May

Linda May has a Ph.D. in Psychology. She works as a therapist and helps partners strengthen their relationships, cope with difficulties, and understand each other. Linda is also a dating coach assisting singles in their love search. She knows all the pitfalls of online dating and strives to guide singles through this tricky world.

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