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Moldovan Women: How the World Sees Them? 

moldovan brides

Moldovan women are very diverse: while walking along Chișinău streets, you may meet seductive blondies and passionate brunettes. Just have a look at sexy Moldovan girls: Aliona Chitoroaga, a popular European model who was born in Moldova, has light brown hair and green eyes. On the contrary, Ina Codreanu, a former Miss Moldova, is a raven-haired beauty capable of driving any man crazy in the blink of an eye.

However, Moldovan women are a lot more than just their splendid beauty. If you are intrigued to learn more about these babes, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading our article to get the comprehensive guide to Moldovan brides dating. 

Why Do Moldovan Girls Search for Foreign Princes?

Moldovan women are cute creatures who own a solid and passionate temper that makes them even more determined than local men. Unlike a Moldovan guy, a local woman rarely resigns herself to her fate. If a Moldova bride is not satisfied with her life, she will not go with the flow hoping for some sudden strokes of luck. Moldova girls for marriage take family values very seriously. They are somewhat tired of the local males who very often appear to be unemployed and alcohol addicted. Moldova, in general, cannot boast of high living standards, so the local ladies prefer looking for their soulmates abroad.  

The maternal instinct of Moldovan brides forces them to thoroughly choose the men they would spend all their life with. The idea of a Moldovan woman about a perfect husband in most cases is associated with a foreign man. This fact is confirmed by the vast number of marriages of Moldovan girls with residents of European countries and the USA. Besides, Moldova wives have much to offer to their spouses: they are beautiful, intelligent, and caring. 

Moldova’s geographical location contributes much to the fact that the local ladies can speak several languages. Some Moldovan women can easily communicate in up to seven different languages! 

General Characteristics of Moldovan Women 


Moldavian ladies have a lot in common with girls from Romania, Russia, and Ukraine. The appearance of Moldovan women can be nominally divided into three types. The first type is indigenously Romanian and characterised by straight noses, dark hair, sharp facial traits, narrow lips, pointed chins, and thin eyebrows. As a rule, these girls are tall enough with a height over 168 cm. 

moldovan women

Short Moldavian brides with heavy facial features, big eyes, wide hips, and sinewy hands represent the second type. The third type resembles Slavic ladies. The Moldova brides of this type have mixed Ukrainian, Russian, and Moldovan blood. These girls have very soft traits, blue or grey eyes, and curvy figures. 

Generally speaking, the typical Moldovan lady is a tall, fair-haired woman with a fit and healthy body, milk-chocolate skin, and big dark eyes. 


As has already been mentioned, Moldovan women are powerful mentally. However, their main power lies in their ability to love and support others. Keep reading to learn about other distinguishing features of Moldova brides.

Moldovan women don’t care about other people’s opinions 

Moldova girls always try to stay positive and pay no attention to the negativity of others. Every local lady seems to be holding an invisible shield that reflects the negative vibes. Such an ability helps them overcome any obstacles and move forward no matter what. Moldova women can efficiently run a marathon, learn several foreign languages, make a mind-blowing career, and remain loving wives and mothers.

Moldovan women are caring

Kids of a Moldovan mother usually wear two beanies at a time. Her husband always has a couple of tasty sandwiches in his suitcase for his lunch at work. Moldova women manage to find time to take care of their grandparents and help their old neighbors buy some groceries. Moldova girls are also the pure embodiment of kindness and love. 

Moldova brides are incredibly talented

Local ladies have pleasant voices, draw magnificent pictures, cook exquisite dishes, and dance like professional dancers. No activity in the world would seem too difficult for a Moldova woman. 

Moldova girls are brave

Skydiving, telling the truth, and remaining optimistic when everything is going to hell – Moldova brides keep a cool head no matter what. They prefer rapid decision-making and rarely regret it. 

Moldova women for marriage are emotional

They can cry bitterly, saying that everything is over, there is no future, and life is pain. But their inner sun rises quickly, and thirty minutes later, the world seems beautiful again. 

Moldova girls are real savers

They save old coffee cups, vintage encyclopedias, drawings from their childhood, concert and cinema tickets, tacky toys, and old books. Despite their inner power, these girls can be exceptionally sentimental and prefer keeping memories of happy life moments. 

What Kind of Wife a Moldovan Woman Is? 

Many men dream of marrying Moldovan women, and there are several main reasons why that is the case. The matter is that Moldovan women for marriage set the family tone, create a home atmosphere, and generally represent all the qualities a perfect wife should own. 


Usually, wisdom comes with age and life experience, but Moldovan women are naturally wise. A girl from Moldova knows how to make her husband happy. She will watch football together with him even if she isn’t interested in this game at all. She will buy tickets to his favorite band’s concert just to see his happy face and smile. The ability to take a step forward, be flexible and not dictate her terms is an essential quality of a Moldova wife.


If the beauty of Moldovan women won’t save the world, then their kindness definitely will. The kind heart of a Moldovan lady motivates a man to spend all his time with his spouse, protect her and make her happy. 

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Intelligence is the top quality of any Moldovan female. These ladies can brilliantly express their thoughts, support any conversation, dress elegantly, and charm everybody with their sharp minds and sense of humor. 


Faithfulness is the foundation for all relationships. Moldova wives always stay loyal and don’t even think about other men once married. These ladies respect their choice and put family values on top of their priority list. 

Where to Meet Gorgeous Moldovan Girls? 

If your intentions are serious enough, you can book your flight to Chișinău. It is an amazingly green city situated on seven hills and stuffed with parks and lakes. You may take a little sightseeing tour of the local places of interest and then enjoy Moldavian wine at numerous bars and pubs.

The atmosphere of Chișinău is full of love and romance. Hot sun and heady wine are doing their job just right. Don’t miss your opportunity to make friends with Moldova hot girls while taking a walk along Chișinău streets or having a glass or two at the local bar. Friendly and easy-going, these ladies will tell you many interesting facts about their country and make your trip more exciting. 

moldovan girls

Yet, provided traveling to Moldova is not on your to-do list, use online dating to meet Moldovan girl. Fortunately, local women love chatting online, so you can find many Moldovan mail order brides searching for some foreign guy to date with. Besides, there are a lot of websites for dating, mainly of Russian origin. To choose a reliable dating site, check it by several criteria: audience, payment policy, reviews, and scope of services it provides. 

Moldovan Dating Tips and Recommendations 

Now that you know how to meet Moldovan women, it’s high time to learn how to date them. 

Believe in yourself

Show self-confidence. You don’t have to be a basketball star to get a Moldovan girl interested. Do what you like, what you feel passionate about, and others will notice your success. However, make sure you realize the difference between confidence and arrogance. Confident people are respected not only for their talents but also for their compassion and kindness. If you are a confident person, you don’t need to brag about your achievements. 

Treat her seriously

Many guys consider dating someone far from being serious. Such behavior is unacceptable in case you are planning to date one of the Moldovan women. These ladies consider the romantic relationship the first step to marriage and family. In case you are looking for a non-binding affair, Moldovan brides are not for you. 

Meet her parents

Moldovan people are very close with their relatives. Kids treat their parents with solid respect and always listen to their views. If you want to conquer a Moldovan lady’s heart, you should do your best to make her parents like you. Be a gentleman, demonstrate your serious intentions towards their girl, and make your idea of becoming a part of their family obvious.

The Verdict

Moldovan brides are known as perfect wives and mothers. They are beautiful, intelligent, and kind. These girls love to take care not only of others – they spend a lot of time for themselves, trying their best to look attractive and focus on their personal development. Nature gave these girls an impeccable pure beauty and sharp minds, so any man would be just happy to marry one of the Moldovan women and create a family with her. 


Do Moldovan Girls Like American Men?

Moldovan women treat family relations very seriously. No wonder they are searching for men who would be mature and ready to assume responsibility for them and their common kids. Due to the low living standards Moldova features, local women prefer marrying foreign guys as they believe men from abroad are more reliable and know how to treat a woman properly.

Do Moldovan Women Speak English?

Moldovan women are well-educated. The majority of them speak fluent English, or at least her English level is high enough to support general conversation. 

What is the Best Site to Meet Moldovan Brides?

Badoo is the most popular dating website for Moldova mail order brides. However, you may try your luck at any other international dating websites, as Moldovan ladies don’t miss any opportunity to meet foreign guys.

Linda May

Linda May

Linda May has a Ph.D. in Psychology. She works as a therapist and helps partners strengthen their relationships, cope with difficulties, and understand each other. Linda is also a dating coach assisting singles in their love search. She knows all the pitfalls of online dating and strives to guide singles through this tricky world.

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