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Why are Turkish mail order brides so popular?

In comparison with Russian or Asian women, Turkish girls are not so popular and widely adored, but it can hardly be disputed that they are increasingly gaining popularity. There are plenty of reasons for that.

The allure of Turkish girls

Turkish women are beautiful and attractive for sight. It’s no wonder why. Turkey is known for its hot summers and mild winters. Generally, the weather is pleasant all year. That’s why Turkish women are the possessors of great shapes and proportions of the body. Their features are instantly recognisable and they seem to captivate all men who visit dating sites. A typical Turkish single is a great lover of sport and therefore keeps herself in great physical shape. They truly know what it is to keep yourself fit and lead a healthy lifestyle. Very often, you can see them on beaches or sports fields in their profile pictures. This is all because of their innate love for an active life.

They are family-oriented

The prime goal of Turkish mail order brides is to marry a man. That’s why who if not them better knows how to build and maintain a strong family. It’s all so due to the environment in which they are born and bred. As soon as they get to the age of 7-8 years, they have a clear picture of what the ideal mother should look like. They understand that the lion’s share of the family responsibilities rests on their shoulders. So don’t be confused if during your conversation with her she’ll put in a word for the future family or anything relating to it. Also, they are good at maintaining the life-work balance which they won’t sacrifice any time with family for work. They lay out their schedule the way everything is organised well and there is time for one activity or another. So Turkish mail order brides are the perfect match for men desiring to build lasting and happy relationships.


A Turkish woman is all-sufficient and independent. They lead their own careers and manage their time for professional activities themselves. Although there are certain problems with education equalities in Turkey, they always aspire to gain knowledge and rise through the ranks so as to be independent and be sure they can provide for themselves. This is a positive side for two reasons: the man can lighten his responsibilities as to providing for the wife, and the fact of her independence ensures that she’s more likely to be serious about her intentions in the relationship. It simply resolves the problem of the conviction that most asian mail order brides are driven by their self-interest. You can be sure this is not about the Turkish ones. It’s very offensive to them to be accused of being involved in a materialistic way of life.

turkish girl

Why Are Turkish Mail Order Brides Looking For A Foreign Husband?

Despite the fact that family is sacred for the whole Turkish nation, local women prefer getting married to Western men due to the following reasons:

  1. The conservatism of the Turkish society. Although the pursuit of the higher education becomes more and more appreciated in Turkey, the majority of local men still think that their wives have to bring up kids and care about home instead of making a career;
  2. The desire to have a better life. Turkish women are too adventurous to spend their lives in the same country. Also, they understand that the Western world can offer them more opportunities for personal growth than their motherland;
  3. Curious mind. Turkish ladies enjoy meeting new people from various backgrounds. Moreover, they are used to it since Turkey is a very popular touristic spot in Europe. Consequently, dating a foreign man can widen their worldview, and that is why they are eager to create an international family.

If the above-mentioned reasons sound close to you, don’t hesitate to start dating a Turkish woman

What are Turkish brides like?

Loyalty and devoutness

For Turkish brides, it’s a big step in their lives to marry a man. They perfectly realise how much it means to interlace your life with another person. That’s why they’re faithful to their principle when it comes to the wedlock. They are very devoted to their husband and always support them whatever their undertakings are. It’s just in their nature to understand that marriage implies mutual trust which should not be broken. So whatever difficulties turn up in your life, you can be sure you can always rely on your faithful wife.

They are good mothers for the kids

They are very affectionate to their children and always bother to provide for them the best. A Turkish bride and the baby are an indivisible whole. From the first days of the birth of the kid, a Turkish mother feels the strongest binds with her child and remains alert. Also, they are very good at passing on family traditions to their children. So if you want to bring up a happy and full-fledged child, then Turkish women are the perfect choice for that purpose.

They are patient

Family quarrels do happen and during these fairly unpleasant experiences, you can truly gain insight into your spouse’s character. Most of the Turkish women are unflappable and rarely tend to be infuriated. That’s due to the fact they understand that family rows lead nowhere and such type of behaviour will only worsen the situation. So that’s why they quietly sit down with you to discuss the problems and therefore formulate the ways of wiping out any misunderstandings. There is nothing more tragic than genuine misunderstandings growing into permanent insults. So you can be sure that Turkish women are calm and don’t tend to be carried away with their transient impulses of anger.

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Where can you meet single Turkish ladies?

It all depends on your creativity and desire to impress your potential Turkish wife. You can opt for some extraordinary places like going to mountains or, alternatively, you can make your choice based on her interests and dreams. For instance, if she’s been dreaming about swimming with dolphins all her life, you can make this surprise for her. Eventually, you can just ask her what place she’d like to go to. This option will not be blander, but it’ll be deprived of any sense of surprise. So it’s up to you. The main aim is to please the Turkish girl and make her smile.

How to find a reliable Turkish dating website?

There are plenty of ways to find a credible dating service. Below, some suggestions are listed. If you’ve happened to travel to Turkey with a group of other travellers, then you can get acquainted with them and ask them about their purpose of the trip. If it’s the same as yours, then you can find out whether they had any experience in the relationships with Turkish women and what they can recommend to you. It’s actual information which can immediately come in handy. Similarly, you can discover all the necessary information if you have some friends or relatives who might be of use in this aspect. You can search up the web, point out the most popular and acclaimed services on the Internet (desirably, 15-20) and contact all of them or even meet with their representatives in person if you have an occasion to do so. This may reveal the positioning of each of them to you and add up some information for consideration. You can check major Turkish dating services if some are present in your town. Again, the more services you check, the more experience you gain, which is the most significant element in this matter.

turkish woman

Tips on dating a Turkish girl

There is no universal way of attracting a Turkish girl, but a few important points are still worth keeping in mind:

Be honest

This might sound trivial, but it’s so significant when it comes to relationships which might be transmuted into something bigger. Don’t fake any information about yourself because it may place in jeopardy all your chances to develop transparent relationships with her. So make sure you’re frank in whatever you tell her.

Be respectful

This is also important to build a strong relationship with a Turkish girl. You have to stay respectful even if at the initial stages you completely disagree with her worldview. It’s better to remember that staying a gentleman doesn’t depend on any circumstances.

Let the conversation revolve around her interests

It’s much easier to have a pleasant conversation when both of the interlocutors are interested and derive pleasure from a natural interaction. For this, it is essential to avoid any awkward or disappointing moments and let her understand that she is important in the conversation.

Don’t put off the moment to ask her out

At a certain stage, you understand that it’s not sufficient both for you and her to contact each other by means of chatting anymore. This is the most suitable time to ask her out. It’s important because as soon as you meet each other in person, your relationships boost to the next level and you can discover more fascinating facts about each other.

Make sure your intentions are the same

This is a very simple and yet frequently forgotten point. If your goals are different, then there is no point in communication. So it is much better to ensure right from the start that she’s pursuing the same dream, goal or whatever as you do and then make it together.

The Verdict

Turkish women are really worthwhile if you’re seeking a bride. They’re devoted, responsible and feminine. So if you’ re really burning with the desire to unite your life with that of a Turkish single, then use all the means you have to attain it.

Linda May

Linda May

Linda May has a Ph.D. in Psychology. She works as a therapist and helps partners strengthen their relationships, cope with difficulties, and understand each other. Linda is also a dating coach assisting singles in their love search. She knows all the pitfalls of online dating and strives to guide singles through this tricky world.

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