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sri lanka women You can find ancient architecture, enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the local nature, rest on paradise beaches surrounded by beautiful angel-like women. The Sri Lanka girls are the real treasure of the island. If you dream of dating a girl from Sri Lanka, read this article. Here you can find out more about these gorgeous women and the ways you can date them.

Why Are Sri Lankan Brides so Desirable?

Sri Lanka is a popular tourist destination, with more than 1.5 million tourists visiting the island annually. Due to this fact, the local women become very popular among tourists due to their exceptional features. Here are the reasons why men from all around the globe prefer Sri Lanka women for dating and marriage.

Outstanding Beauty

Sri Lanka brides are the improved version of Indian girls. Women from Sri Lanka have gentle facial features, with full sensual lips, straight noses, and beautiful deep dark eyes. Their skin is flawless, smooth, and tanned. You can also find girls with European features due to the tourism contributing to the diverse genetic pool of the local people. More than that, there are lots of slim and fit yet curvy girls. Many of them keep to the diet, do sports, especially those requiring exceptional stamina like basketball, volleyball, and field hockey. A lot of Sri Lankan women preserve their beautiful hot looks even in their 40s. You can be sure you will meet an outstanding sexy woman of your dreams in Sri Lanka.

Modest Nature

Sri Lankan girls are less demanding in comparison to European brides. They are used to saving money and rarely ask their partners for extraordinary gifts. That is why your Sri Lankan girl will be grateful for your attention, even if you have an average EU or US income. These women are used to appreciating the personality of their partners rather than counting their money.

A mixture of Modern and Traditional Views

Sri Lanka differs from other Asian countries in terms of women’s rights. Women enjoy more freedom and better social status in comparison to surrounding Asian states. Sri Lanka was the first country in the world to democratically elect a female prime minister. Sirimavo Bandaranaike became the prime minister in 1960. Sri Lankan women participate in political life – they very often apply for a full-time job as well. These women are diligent and hardworking. On the other hand, in private life, they still adhere to traditional values, expecting their men to rule and maintain the family. Very often, women chose to work and help their husbands bring income to the household. That is why, when you marry a Sri Lankan girl, you can be sure she will contribute to your total household earnings.

Looking for Foreigners

Many Sri Lankan women want to start a relationship with a western man. This trend has many reasons:

  • Sri Lanka is not the best country in terms of living standards. The island has an 85.16 quality of life index. Canada has an index of 163.47, for instance. That is why Sri Lankan women dream of meeting men who can bring them to better living conditions. The nominal GDP per capita in Sri Lanka is 3,856 only.
  • Some women still experience pressure and inequality issues. It touches lower wages, arranged marriages, domestic violence, etc. The local girls want to date and marry someone they will love sincerely. Therefore, they search for foreigners on dating sites. Online dating is one of the affordable ways for Sri Lankan brides to find a partner.

Therefore, you will face less competition while dating Sri Lankan women. They will prefer a foreigner rather than a local man. Support and care are vital for these girls, and they believe they can get it from a western partner. sri lanka girls

Why Are Sri Lankan Mail Order Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country with unforgettable scenery, but its economic situation remains unstable. Many girls had to start working at an early age to earn money for their families. And now they’re looking for better conditions for their future kids. A man from an economically developed country will be able to comfort a family and create a healthy atmosphere at home. These females think of their husbands and kids first, and all the other things don’t exist for them. Unfortunately, sometimes even those striving to give their hearts to the ones they love fail to get permission for the marriage. Very often, parents make their daughters become the wives of rich men, even though there’re no sweet feelings between them. That’s why local females desire to break the circle and find lifelong partners without anybody else’s involvement. Sri Lankan beauties are searching for men with the same values, including a respectful attitude towards a partner, faith, care, and devotion. If local guys don’t meet their expectations, they begin looking for an ideal match on international dating platforms. These women hope to find harmony in relationships with foreign men.

What are Sri Lankan Women Like?


Women of Sri Lanka outnumber men in schools and universities. 68% of all graduates from higher education institutions were females in 2015. The general literacy rate in Sri Lanka was 96.3 in 2015 as well. It means that there is a 99% chance that your Sri Lanka girl will be smart, well-educated, and broad-minded. Also, you do not need to worry about the language barrier. More than 20% of the whole population speaks English fluently. It is the second language for most people. Sri Lankan people use English for business communication as well. That is why you will have lots of topics for conversation with your Sri Lankan girl. Uneasy silence will hardly take place.


Do you know that Sri Lanka is ranked among the top 10 countries with the lowest divorce rate? The divorce rate is 1.5%. It means only 15 of 1000 marriages fall apart. These women are incredibly devoted, they love sincerely and passionately. Sri Lankan women consider long-lasting relationships. If this girl starts dating you, she expects you to marry her one day.

Skilled Wives

Sri Lankan brides become not only devoted wives but also can handle domestic chores. The girls are used to helping their mothers with housework. Due to their hospitality and hardworking nature, these women serve their men delicacies, keep the house clean, and nurture children with ultimate care.

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Where can you find Sri Lankan Girls?

Since many Sri Lankan brides seek foreigners on dating websites, you should aim at online dating as well. It will help you meet the right woman quicker and gives you more choice as well. You can browse Sri Lankan mail order brides on the niche and international dating sites. Here what should you do to meet a Sri Lankan mail order bride:

  1. Register an account on a dating platform. It takes a couple of minutes.
  2. Complete your profile.
  3. Upgrade your membership. Once you register, you get a standard subscription plan. It is limited. To chat with any female user on the website, you have to purchase a premium subscription. The price starts at $10 on average, depending on the particular site and membership features.
  4. Start a conversation with a girl you like. You can adjust many search settings to browse girls meeting your preferences only.

How to find a Trustworthy Sri Lankan Dating Platform?

Online dating is a nice option for various scammers. Some start fraud websites to launder money from deceivable men, and some register fake accounts for the same purposes. It is vital to register at a reliable dating platform to protect yourself against fraud. Here are the signs of a trustworthy website: sri lanka brides

  • It hosts realistic female profiles. Beware of the websites with women posting flawless photos with professional lighting and studio decorations. If every second girl in your search results has pictures of this level, the site is likely to launder money.
  • Both men and women can register on the site.
  • The platform has real feedback. Pay attention to the reviews. They should appear naturally and contain specific details concerning a particular platform. Fake reviews are less informative, usually appear within a short time, and praise the website.
  • The site ensures a safe environment for users, warranting that user data remains private and secure.
  • The platform applies measures against fraudulent profiles. Consider websites with a strict user verification process. It should limit unverified users and ban scam profiles.
  • It works for a long time. The successful sites have a long operating history, usually.

5 Tips on Dating a Sri Lankan Woman

1. Safety is Crucial

You can protect yourself against fraudulent brides by following these recommendations:

  • Never include sensitive information to the public sections of your dating profile.
  • Never share any sensitive information with asian mail order brides until you meet them in real life.
  • To make sure your girl is a person who she claims to be, ask her for photos in different situations.
  • Never send cash to girls on the website until you meet them in person.

2. Look Appealing

Your appearance matters. Make sure you look attractive. Upload high-quality photos to your profile. Add descriptions of your personality, interests, and expectations on Sri Lankan women. Many dating sites include questionnaires on your physical features, marital status, career, etc. Fill out them as well. Completing your profile does not take much time but gives you higher rankings on a particular site so that more women see you in their search results.

3. Be Attentive and Caring

Make sure you pay enough attention to your woman. Write to her often, and show your interest. Pay her compliments. She should feel unique. That is why do not tell her that you chat with other brides if you do so. Be a good listener and show that you have things in common. Also, avoid speaking about politics and religion. Support her in stressful situations. Many Sri Lankan girls expect their foreign partners to express more care.

4. Show Serious Intentions

Since Sri Lanka women seek long-lasting relationships, you should match their expectations. Show your devotion to your woman, and she will return her love to you. It will help you build trust-based relations. Your woman will become more open to you if she knows you want to stay with her for life.

5. Consider Her Parents

Your girl’s parents may be protective. Respect them, be polite, attentive, and show the best of yourself. Get along with her parents to make them think you are the ideal husband for their daughter.

The Verdict

Sri Lankan women become ideal wives if you treat them as a treasure. Your Sri Lanka bride will devote herself to you entirely. You can find the woman of your dream on numerous dating sites. Love, support, and respect your girls, and you will win her heart for sure.

Linda May

Linda May

Linda May has a Ph.D. in Psychology. She works as a therapist and helps partners strengthen their relationships, cope with difficulties, and understand each other. Linda is also a dating coach assisting singles in their love search. She knows all the pitfalls of online dating and strives to guide singles through this tricky world.

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