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But many decided to try their hands out at dating and marriage after seeing hot Colombian chicks. That is a testament to the allure of Colombian girls. However, dating a Colombian girl requires tact and finesse. There are specific tips and subtleties that men interested in Colombian brides need to know. This article will go into details to demystify the secrets of marrying a Colombian woman.

Why Do Colombian Brides Want To Date Foreign Men?

colombian brides

The first reason is the thrill of being with a foreign man. The average Colombian girl is a thrill-seeker. She loves to have new experiences and learn as much as possible from her environment. This inclination partly explains why they treat foreign men in Colombia differently from their local counterparts. These foreigners represent a new way of doing things; they are the literal embodiment of new experiences.

Another reason why Colombian women are so drawn to foreign men is the prospect of traveling abroad. Since many Colombians live below the poverty line, their girls usually grow up wanting the best things in life. These desires mostly go unfulfilled, especially if they settle with the average Colombian man. But when a foreign man comes along, a glimmer of hope flickers.

These reasons do not allude to the fact that Colombian girls are materialistic. They are just like everyone else, looking for the best. And American or Western men are their interpretation of the best that masculinity has to offer.

Traits Common in Colombian Brides

Like women all over the world, Colombian wives have distinct characteristics. These traits define who they are and usually stem from their cultural beliefs, society, religion, or all above. Their genes also play a role in determining how they look. So, without further ado, here are the most common characteristics of Colombian brides:


Colombian women are sensitive. They are passionate and filled with energy. Sometimes, they can’t keep all of that energy bottled up, so they resort to temperamental bouts. You can notice this when they are either happy or annoyed. They can have excessive reactions whenever they are joyful or sad. However, they don’t take things to heart easily.

If they get annoyed, you may have to deal with the tantrums that follow. They may talk loudly, point fingers and swear at you. However, you can handle the situation with tact and get them back under control. They just like to let some steam off now and then, and that’s good for long-term peace in your household.

Curvy Physiques

Colombian women are as sexy as the word comes. If you are touring Colombia, you should try visiting the cities. You will find hot Colombian babes going about their daily business at every corner. The surprising part is that these women don’t go out of their way to look pretty; it comes to them naturally.

Their good genes give them their famous curves around the hips. They have flat bellies and prominent hips. They have naturally-toned bodies that many American women pay thousands of dollars to achieve artificially. If you could imagine what an adolescent girl child between Antonio Banderas and Zoe Soldana would look like, you have a good image of a Colombian lady.


Marrying a Colombian wife will give you the freedom that the inner boy in you craves. These ladies are never all up in your face and would give you time to yourself when you need it. They are flexible in their actions and sexually. If you are into trying out new moves in the bedroom, you can rest assured that they would be a step ahead of you in that regard. If times get tough, they will also stick with you, further proving their resilience.

Caring Wives and Mothers

For Colombian women, marriage is a sacred union between God, themselves and their husbands. They take it seriously and therefore put all their effort into making their homes prosper. You can see this devotion to their families how they strive to raise their children appropriately. They never neglect their homely duties. Even as career women, Colombian brides will put their families first.

The Colombian Dating Culture And How to Properly Date a Colombian Woman

colombian girls

For Colombian women, dating is a serious business. The highly religious society in Colombia encourages women to date, intending to build a lasting marriage. This conservative teaching isn’t too different from what you would hear in Western churches. How well people stick to the doctrine sets Colombian brides apart from Western ones.

Be Chivalrous

When dating a Colombian woman, there are specific things she will expect from you; one of them is chivalry. It won’t matter that you come from a region where gallantry is all but forgotten. She will want you to hold the door for her. She will appreciate little gestures like giving her your coat, walking on the sidewalk’s outer wing when with her, etc. Doing these chivalrous acts will make you seem thoughtful and make you more likable.

Don’t Turn Down an Invitation to Meet Her Family

Dating and marrying a Colombian woman rarely happens without her family’s consent. Colombian girls often come from big closely-knit households. Don’t be surprised if she invites you to see her family; it’s standard dating etiquette in Colombia.

At first, that move can overwhelm you. However, you should think of it this way: if she invites you to see her family, she must like you. With that in mind, you will adjust. Her family will adopt you as one of their own and actively look out for you, which is heartwarming.

Show Interest in Her Language

Colombian women love communication. Even if you can’t speak Spanish initially, show your Colombian girlfriend that you are willing to learn it. She will see your willingness as a sign that you are invested in the relationship’s longevity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Foreign men interested in meeting Colombian women usually have many questions about them. This article will answer some of those questions. The most typical queries these men ask include:

Why are Colombian Brides so Pretty?

As this article already pointed out, genes and a warm environment combine to make Colombian brides gorgeous. They are naturally endowed and also take care of themselves. Colombian women regularly bathe in essential oils that one can readily obtain in that region. They also don’t artificially enhance their looks as much as Western women do. It helps them age naturally.

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Why Do Colombian Girls Make the Best Wives?

Colombian girls are the ideal wives because they can play a mother’s role while maintaining their youthful vigor. They can take care of the kids just as quickly as they can light up parties. Colombian girls pay close attention to what they wear; they don’t dress appallingly. If you wed a Colombian girl, you will have no excuse to look outside because she will constantly feed your eyes with her sexiness.

How Much Will I Spend To Get A Colombian Bride?

If you are interested in Colombian brides and are abroad, you can opt for a mail order bride. Colombia has many platforms with women willing to link up with men from all over the globe. The average cost of marrying those women is $5,530 but can get higher depending on various factors. The amount consists of the money you will pay to mail order platforms, take her out on dates with, get legal documents for marriage and pay for migration.

colombian women

Are Colombian Mail Order Brides Legal?

As skeptical as people have been about the mail order business, it is entirely legal. The fear about the business’s legality is due to general misinformation. Mail order brides are willing participants in the industry, and nobody has the right to sell another human. They seek foreign men, and mail order platforms serve as the middlemen that link them up with potential suitors.

How Do I Meet Colombian Brides Online?

The best way to meet Colombian women for marriage online is via Colombian dating sites. These websites have the choicest Colombian women. All you need to do is register and find one you are attracted to.

How Do I Date a Colombian Bride?

You need to set up a profile on any reliable Colombian dating site or mail order platform to date a Colombian bride. You will find your pick of ladies for dating there. When you have met the woman you like, follow the tips in this article and you will be fine.

Does the Average Colombian Bride Speak English?

Few Colombians are fluent in English; they speak Spanish instead. However, their zeal for learning will ensure that they will pick up the English Language in no time if appropriately taught.

What Are The Best Sites To Meet Colombian Mail Order Wives?

If you need mail order brides, Colombian dating sites will help you. The best Colombian dating sites are Colombian Cupid, Badoo for Colombia and Tinder. These platforms’ transparency and usability make them ideal for finding Colombian women.

Do Colombian Women Like American Men?

As much as Colombian men understand how to woo and find a Colombian wife, the women themselves prefer the company of foreign men. There are a couple of reasons for this bias towards foreigners. Although the reasons don’t apply to every Colombian bride, many fall for one or more reasons.

The Verdict

Some of the sexiest women in Western movies are Colombians. The way Hollywood portrays these women makes men all over the world drool. While some of these portrayals may be over-the-top, their representation of these women’s beauties is accurate. Colombian ladies are indeed among the sexiest women alive. Apart from their beauty, they also have outstanding personalities. They are intelligent, caring, passionate and straightforward women. Men who have married Colombian brides attest to their homeliness and caring nature. They are the ideal partners if you look for exotic South American women for marriage.

Linda May

Linda May

Linda May has a Ph.D. in Psychology. She works as a therapist and helps partners strengthen their relationships, cope with difficulties, and understand each other. Linda is also a dating coach assisting singles in their love search. She knows all the pitfalls of online dating and strives to guide singles through this tricky world.

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