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Mexican brides’ demand is high, from foreign and Mexican men. And that is why we’ve created this article. Before you date or go for one of these Mexican beauties, here are a few things you should know.

Why do Mexican brides want to date foreign men?

mexican girls

There are different reasons why Mexican women like to go for foreign men, mainly Americans. The most straightforward explanation is that they want to get out of Mexico. For many of them, the easiest way is via marriage. The other reasons include the want for adventure, the need for something different, and money. Money is on this list because foreigners need to have some money to find a Mexican wife.

These Mexican ladies may also want a foreign man because they believe that they are more romantic and caring. Then, some ladies just like a mix of cultures, to learn about other people. The easiest way to learn about other people and what they are is by marrying into their side of the world. Whatever the reason is, many Mexican brides will go for foreign men instead of Mexican men. 

Characteristics of Mexican Brides 

It is easy to know a Mexican woman when you meet her, and it is not just because of how they look. There are multiple distinct traits of Mexican brides. If you plan on marrying a Mexican woman, expect the following traits:

They are opinionated

Mexican women stick to their views. That does not mean they will disrespect you; it just means that they are tougher to push over than women from other countries.

They are good cooks

Many Mexican women love to cook. They almost always have secret recipes from an Abuelita you never met, and the food always tastes great.

They are passionate

These ladies are very passionate, which extends to all aspects of their lives. Their passion is evident in how they love you. They either love you enough to stand in front of a pointed gun for you or hate you enough to show the gunman where to find you. There is no middle ground.

They are vibrant

Mexican women are the life of the party. They will dance, clap, and generally spread good vibes around. They also like their men to be energetic.

They are caring

Mexican women are natural caregivers. They believe in the concept of strongly-knit families and will go out of their way to take care of their loved ones.

Mexico is a place of diverse cultures, and this diversity makes Mexican women open to change. Dating a Mexican woman comes with obvious perks that foreign men appreciate. 

Dating Culture of Mexicans and Tips

mexican women

If you are an American man, you should know that Mexico’s dating culture is different from the dating culture in the States. To get Mexican women for marriage, you need to understand Mexico’s dating culture. It should make the process easier and faster for you. 

Mexicans are a little more conservative than you would expect. You would have to go a little old-fashioned when going for the average Mexican woman. They are mostly Christians, so they believe in courtship rather than casual dating. The women think they have to be taken care of by the man and adequately wooed.

Here are some tips that should help you woo a Mexican woman:

  • Firstly, you have to meet her parents: Yes, they are as conservative as they come. If you want to take a Mexican girl out when you are in Mexico, seek permission. If you cannot meet her father or her mother, meet her brothers. It is better, and in some cases, safer to go this route. 
  • Have your compliments handy: If she ever invites you over to the house for dinner with her family, compliment everyone. If you see a florist on your way, grab flowers for her mother. After eating, announce that the food was excellent. These compliments will cost you nothing and help you get into her good books. 
  • Have a ready wallet: An average Mexican woman will not split bills with you, so leave your liberalism at the Mexican border. Whether you meet her in America or Mexico, if you go on a date with a Mexican woman, she will expect you to pay for everything. 
  • Keep your hands to yourself for most of the first meeting: Unless she demands it, do not touch your Mexican date carelessly. Mexicans believe in honoring their women. Dating the average Mexican woman means conforming to conservative rules, even if you do not like them.

These pointers will help you get the hang of how to date a Mexican girl. Getting through those tips will make it easier to court and subsequently marry a Mexican woman. It doesn’t matter the platform through which you met her.

Mexican mail order brides come with a conservative mentality due to Mexicans’ culture. Because she came to you through the mail order does not mean that she will lose the desire to be properly courted.


Why are Mexican brides so beautiful? 

It would seem that nature singled Mexican women out as favorites. The native Mexican women are olive-skinned, with black hair, usually curly or wavy. The first thing you notice when you see them is their fabulous hair.

They also have beautifully shaped faces and bodies. They have varying heights, but mostly, they are about 5 feet 2 inches tall. We can attribute their incredible looks to their excellent genes.

Why do Mexican women make the best wives?

Mexican women are naturally caring, great listeners, and excellent partners. You can count on loyalty from a Mexican wife. They are also great cooks who love cooking so you can expect great meals with a Mexican bride.

Mexican women can liven an entire event with their cheerfulness and vibrancy. You would often find them laughing and clapping at every party. If they are the party hosts, they will often go around, ensuring everyone is well taken care of. 

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How much does a Mexican bride cost?

To get mailorder brides Mexico, you should be ready to shell out thousands of dollars. The price of a bride is primarily cumulative. You will pay for using the mail order platform, then gifts to woo her, and dates offline. Bringing mail order brides from Mexico into your country would cost you $5000 to $10,000. The average you can expect to buy a Mexican wife for is between $12,000 and $35,000. 

Are Mexican mail order brides legal?

Mexican mail order brides are not only legal, but they are protected by the Violence Against Women Act. The international marriage regulation act has put down stringent rules regarding getting wives from abroad. The reason for this is to make sure the rights of everyone are respected.

So, yes, getting a Mexican mail bride is legal, and you must obey the rules involved in getting one. Before getting mail order brides Mexico, read and understand these rules enforced to ensure you are not in violation of any. Violations come with consequences. 

How to meet Mexican brides online

mexican brides

If you need Mailorder Brides from Mexico, it is the place to visit. However, meeting Mexican brides online is more accessible. All you have to do is to register on renowned Mail Order platforms, and you will find beautiful mail order brides from Mexico. 

How to date a Mexican bride 

Dating a Mexican woman is easy, as they are teachable. Although they like to speak (a bit too loudly), they are also good listeners. They also have excellent memories and will remember the good things you have done for them and the bad ones.

Endeavor to listen to your Mexican bride so that both of you can find common ground. Listen and make concessions where necessary. Also, be prepared to take charge. If you need a Mexican wife to learn something, be ready to teach her. They learn quickly, and they replicate what they have learned flawlessly.

Buy presents, and take them out often. These women left their country to make their lives better. You need to understand this and be patient with them. Even though they are teachable, they need extra help to adjust completely to the new culture you bring them into. 

Do Mexican brides speak English?

The English language is not prevalent in Mexico. However, some people can speak some English. Your Mexican bride may or may not speak fluent English. It depends on her level of exposure to the Western world. But, she will be teachable. If she is not articulate, you can get her an English tutor to improve her communication clarity.

What are the best sites to meet Mexican brides?

There are many Mexican dating sites online where you can find Mexican women. They include:

  1. Latin feels: On Latin Feels, you can find beautiful and interesting Mexican women to date and marry. It has an excellent success rate.
  2. Latin women date: This is a favorite for many people because of navigation ease. 
  3. LoveForte: With a 4.6 rating, this is one of the sites with affordable subscriptions and great service. 
  4. Latin Beauty Date: Latin beauty date is a site with excellent ratings and beautiful Mexican women. 

Do Mexican women like American men?

Before you start talking about getting Mexican brides for American men, first figure out if they like them. Mail order brides from Mexico want any man that will treat them right and take care of them, no matter if he’s an American or not. But they have a special place in their hearts for American men. 

The Verdict

In the end, the goal is to match Mexican mail-order brides with men who want to marry them. American men sometimes like the feeling of variety. To men like these, Mexican beauties are the definition of that variety. The reason for that choice is apparent: Mexican women are beautiful, loyal and unique wives.

Linda May

Linda May

Linda May has a Ph.D. in Psychology. She works as a therapist and helps partners strengthen their relationships, cope with difficulties, and understand each other. Linda is also a dating coach assisting singles in their love search. She knows all the pitfalls of online dating and strives to guide singles through this tricky world.

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