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Why are Indian Women So Popular?

Besides boasting of having some of the most sought-after ladies in the world like Priyanka Chopra and other famous Bollywood actresses, Indian women are also popular worldwide because of some of the reasons listed below.

Indian women are beautiful

The beauty of Indian women is without question. You just have to look at a few Bollywood actresses to confirm this. Indian women differ massively starting from their skin color to the languages they speak. But one thing they have in common is that they have a dark­-tone, sun-kissed complexion, hazel eyes, and jet-black hair. Their eyebrows are thick and this highlights their facial features.

Indian Girls are good mothers

The strong family values of the Indian family system mean that the Indian bride starts learning how to be a good mother from a very young age. Indian girls can cope with all the house chores while balancing it with their professional life. Also, Indian brides can cook good and healthy food with variety and consummate ease.

Morality is an integral part of Indian culture

The Indian culture promotes conservative family values as well as societal norms. This means that Indian brides are quite dedicated to their partners. Also, they are respectable with their diction and avoid the use of ‘dirty words’ even when they are not in the best of moods. Do not be surprised if she turns down all your sexual advances. She is still into you, but her upbringing is just in the way.

Indian brides are well-educated

Indian families encourage their offspring to pursue a degree in any professional sphere of repute. Indian girls are no exception to this rule. Most girls living in cities are either graduates of medicine or engineering or are still pursuing a degree. This means that the Indian bride is not a victim of the patriarchy in terms of lack of self-awareness.

Why Are Indian Mail Order Brides Looking for A Foreign Husband?

According to population statistics, the human sex ratio in India is 1.08, which means that there are more men than women. So, there should be no problem for Indian girls to find husbands, right? Well, that assumption cannot be any farther from the truth. Here are the issues that push Indian women towards men from the West: indian brides

1. Escape from the patriarchy

Indian society is patriarchal. Women are expected to be submissive in their marriages. Although women pay the bride price, they are expected to go into planned marriages with men who are less qualified than themselves.

2. Escape from religious boundaries

Even when they find the man of their dreams, Indian brides often have to succumb to the whims of their parents. Most Indian brides have missed out on their soulmates because these men are from a different religious background. As a result, Indian girls set their sights abroad in search of Western husbands.

3. Their fascination for the West

India might look good in movies, but the reality is that most cities in India are overpopulated and have low standards of living. Therefore, Indian girls prefer to become mail order brides because it is their only chance of moving to the West.

What are Indian brides like?

Because of the shackles of the conservative system, most Indian girls prefer to become mail order brides. Also, the patriarchal system of the Indian society makes it very hard for Indian women to express themselves. Therefore, in search of more freedom, Indian women opt to become mail order brides for foreigners in cultures more favorable to women. There are some other problems that Indian women face when looking for partners:

  • Caste system – Because of the caste system in India, an Indian girl would have to give up her pursuit of a suitor if they are from a different caste or religion. As a result, most Indian girls end up marrying out of necessity rather than love and this leads to unhappiness.
  • Patriarchy – The dominance of the patriarchy means that the Indian woman is expected to be submissive in their relationships or marriages. Also, this submissiveness is a part of the overall fabric of Indian society.
  • Lack of Freedom of expression (love) – Due to the strict conservative nature of India, the public expression of love is not very common. In rural parts of India, it will be difficult to find an Indian bride that will be ready to kiss you in public even if they are married to you.

Also, Finding an Indian mail order bride comes with a lot of perks. Despite the obstacles facing Indian women, they still find a way to make very good lovers. Here are some of the perks that make Indian brides a rare jam.

  • They are very respectful to their partners
  • Indian brides are very homely because of their upbringing. These traits can then transfer to their offspring in due time.
  • Indian women will take care of your home and make sure you are on the right nutrition.
  • Indian women are very faithful and dedicated. You do not have to worry about infidelity when it comes to Indian brides.
  • Your Indian Bride will add some flavor to your life. You will learn a lot about their music and movies, as well as the local cuisine (avoid curry jokes). Spicy and healthy food will also be a regular in your home.
  • Her family and relatives will visit often which means you will never get bored.
  • Your Indian bride will pamper you like her baby
  • Most likely, you might even get free yoga classes and avoid overpaying for the classes in the West.

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Where can you meet Indian brides?

Depending on the city you find yourself in, you might be lucky to find an Indian bride that speaks perfect English. Unlike most Asian countries, a large population of India speaks English because the British colonized the country. However, it is safe to assume that no one wants to put themselves through the rigors of travelling when it can be avoided. The best option is to find an Asian mail order bride website with good reviews. These websites only display consenting adult girls seeking partners outside of India. Here is a brief overview of how some of these sites work:

  1. First of all, you need to create an account on the website to confirm your online identity
  2. Then you can connect to as many Indian girls according to personal preferences.
  3. There is the possibility of calling or Face-timing your potential Indian bride.
  4. Try to be subtle but straightforward. Make sure that your intentions to marry her are obvious in the conversation.
  5. Also, try to discuss the possibility of coming to the country to visit her. This will go a long way in convincing her of your good intentions.
  6. Take note that her parents will play a major part in her decision to marry you. No matter how progressive an Indian woman is, her parents still have some sway in her choice of a partner.
indian woman

How to find a reliable Indian Dating Website

Just like with anything on the internet, the problem of finding a reliable medium for exchanging a particular service remains a very difficult puzzle for most. Even in developing countries, people still find it difficult to trust personal information with some sites and here are some of the reasons why:

  • Data Insecurity
  • Phishing – This is when some sites lead you into giving them information about you which they use in gaining access to your private accounts.
  • ‘Cat-fishing’ – This is when you are chatting with someone who is posing to be another person. This practice is very common within the dating community.
  • Fraud

These problems are also a part of finding reliable Indian dating websites. There are various approaches to avoid falling victim to the malicious schemes:

  • Using a trusted 3rd party – This third party is often a resident of India who knows where to find Indian brides.
  • Using an Indian mail order bride website.

Once you have ascertained the legitimacy of these sites, you can go ahead and register to find your Indian mail order bride. Here are some of the trust-worthy sites for Indian brides:

How to attract an Indian Girl

Attracting an Indian bride is an easy task. If you are interested in Indian mail order brides, you just need to go to the website and initiate a conversation. Here are some of the ‘dos and don’ts’ of dating an Indian bride:

  1. Never ever bring up curry or cows during the conversation. This is the fastest way to make a fool of yourself and turn off any Indian girl that would otherwise be interested in you. Any attempt at humor should not be at the expense of something they hold sacred.
  2. Try to become friends with her and her friends as well. Any attempts to be brash will often be met with a sharp rebuff.
  3. Make sure you always take the opportunity to drop hints that you are interested to take the friendship beyond the dating scene.  If an Indian woman senses that you have other ulterior motives, they start losing interest in you.
  4. Spontaneous gifts and meaningful gestures will go a long way in winning her over. Just make sure you pay attention to the things that interest her and tailor your gift choice towards those interests.

Once you follow these simple rules, you will find it easy to finally find your Indian mail order bride.

The Verdict

Indian women have a more conservative approach to life than women in Europe and North America. If you can get used to this, you will soon find out that Indian mail order brides can change your life. This dream of marrying an Indian girl is one that is shared not only in Bollywood but in the world over.

Linda May

Linda May

Linda May has a Ph.D. in Psychology. She works as a therapist and helps partners strengthen their relationships, cope with difficulties, and understand each other. Linda is also a dating coach assisting singles in their love search. She knows all the pitfalls of online dating and strives to guide singles through this tricky world.

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