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Why Do Slavic Brides Want To Date Foreign Men?

Mail order brides from Slavic countries marry foreigners for different reasons, but we summed up the most popular ones below. The following facts will help you to understand with what kind of women you’ll deal when you come to Eastern Europe:

  • Hot Slavic brides want to meet decent men. First of all, Slavic girls are looking for men who are serious, consistent, and responsible. Oftentimes, they fail to find these features in local men, so they break with them, and consider foreigners as a good choice for family creation and having kids. Therefore, the majority of Slavic women you’ll meet online are family-oriented and reliable;
  • The most stunning Slavic brides want to find real love. Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, and other girls from Eastern Europe get cheated on by their countrymen pretty often, so they start looking for another kind of relationship where both partners are loyal and respectful. Foreigners fit for such relationships the best;
  • Women from Slavic countries are looking for a chance to enter Western countries legally. There are cases when women want to move out of their countries but lack enough reasons to do that: they haven’t yet received their job offer or couldn’t find accommodation, so they meet men from overseas for dating and living together;
  • Slavic women want to create an international family. Many Slavic brides believe that children who were born and brought up in international families are smarter and more open-minded than those whose parents are of the same nationality. Also, they want their future children to have two passports, so they fall in love with foreigners and get married to them to have a baby;
  • Slavic girls love men from a particular country. Many Slavic brides travel across Europe and Asia, meet local people, and notice that they have more in common with a certain nation. Thus, they learn the language of that country and meet men for dating there. Eventually, they find their love abroad and get married.

Slavic Brides Characteristics: The Top 5

Before you meet Slavic brides, we suggest that you find out even more about them. In this section, you can find the distinctive features of Slavic women. They are the reasons for choosing them for marriage and dating.

Slavic women are sexy

First of all, Slavic mail order brides are famous for their beauty and sex appeal. You’ll notice their stunning vibe immediately if you just browse any Slavic brides dating site: girls there are tall, attractive, slim, and fit. They usually wear long hair, sexy makeup, and feminine but trendy clothes to emphasize their natural beauty. If you come to either of Slavic countries, you will also see many women of different shapes and sizes, but all of them will be eye-catchy and unforgettable.

They are family-oriented

Another positive side of Slavic girls is their desire to have a family. Eastern European countries are pretty conservative, so family values are some of the most important there. Therefore, local young women aim to get married and have children. Although more and more women decide to start a career first, Slavic brides get married and have children before they turn 30 years old.

slavic mail order brides

They cook perfectly

You won’t regret having a wife from Slavic mail order brides every time you feel hungry: these women know how to cook their national dishes to satisfy their men. From a young age, the majority of Eastern European girls learn to cook and help their mothers in the kitchen. Thus, they grow up to be pretty skilled home-cookers who can feed the whole family fast. Slavic women also cook for their small children so that they could have a quality diet and develop well. If you like homemade food and expect your wife to cook for you rather than eating out or ordering pizza delivery, consider finding Slavic brides for relationships.

They accept traditional gender roles in relationships

The fourth reason for choosing a Slavic bride for marriage is the attitude of Slavic women towards gender roles in the family. They believe that women have to provide coziness at home, fresh meals, and raise children while men should make money for the family. If such a distribution of duties is what you are looking for as well, we suggest that you find a Slavic dating website and start meeting women there. On such websites, you will also find out how long do Slavic brides last in USA and other questions you may be interested in.

They are loyal and aren’t afraid of difficulties

Finally, Slavic mail order brides are strong, reliable, and loyal women. They are not afraid to face temporary obstacles on the way to their goals, and they are ready to provide their support to men who do their best to provide for a family. Slavic brides choose partners for a long-term relationship and often end up getting married to them. Such marriages last for years of happiness and mutual understanding.

Slavic Dating Culture And Tips

Now it’s time to learn Slavic dating tips to understand what Eastern European women expect from men and how you should behave with them to make them trust you and fall in love:

  1. Learn the local language. This is the first thing that we advise you to do if you want to find a partner in either of Slavic countries. Surely, women in big cities speak English well; however, learning the local language will allow you to widen the pool of women you can date in a country and online;
  2. Socialize with people from your country of interest. If you have such people in your social bubble at home, communicate with them to understand Slavic women better. We don’t say you should date any Slavic girls you can find in your town, but getting acquainted with them can be useful for your future dating experience;
  3. Learn the culture and explore the country you’d like to visit for dating. This is to understand how people in a Slavic country interact, make friends, start relationships, and keep in touch for a long time;
  4. Approach ladies when you see the signs of attraction. If you see a woman smiling at you on the street or in a bar, feel free to come up to her and start small talk. But if a woman you liked is busy, it may be not the best moment for an acquaintance;
  5. Be generous. Women from Slavic countries like to be treated like queens: flower bouquets, invitations to fancy restaurants and trips, etc. are the ways to conquer even the most unapproachable of them. Still, if you notice that a girl is into your money, consider searching for another girlfriend. Only a few Slavic brides are greedy and interested in the man’s money;
  6. Don’t brag about your income. This is for your safety and confidence that the woman you are dating isn’t a golddigger. Of course, you can say where you work and where you live in the USA, but don’t rush to show how rich you are;
  7. Be witty and relaxed. Slavic women love confident, intelligent, and positive men, so don’t think about impressing them when you approach them. Be yourself and try to break the ice as fast as possible to make your communication comfortable for both of you;
  8. Don’t rush to start living together. Remember that your expectations of living together may be different: you may just want to know your Slavic bride better, while she may think that you are about to get married soon. Consider talking about all the important stages of your relationship beforehand to avoid misunderstanding, senseless high hopes, and frustration. Remember that you are from different cultures and may perceive the same things from different points of view;
  9. Meet your girlfriend’s partners. This is a very important gesture in Slavic dating culture: it allows the bride’s family to understand that the boyfriend of their daughter is serious about her.

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How to get a Slavic bride?

You can meet Slavic brides online or offline. We suggest that you use any Slavic brides dating site for this purpose: such dating platforms are cheap and easy to navigate. They also contain numerous profiles of young ladies ready for marriage. If you are aiming at fast hookups, you can also find it there.

Why are Slavic brides so beautiful?

Unique genes of Slavic women make them attractive for foreigners: girls from Eastern Europe are feminine, sexy, and self-confident. They know how to emphasize their beauty with the right clothes and jewelry. Also, Slavic brides are well-mannered and smart.

mail order brides from slavic countries

Why do Slavic brides make the best wives?

Slavic brides are kind, loyal, and supportive. They don’t argue with their partners over small things and don’t try to surpass their men in fights. All they want is to have a happy family, a cozy house, and healthy children. Besides this, Slavic brides aren’t much into making a career.

How much does a Slavic bride cost?

The prices for finding Slavic brides and dating them vary depending on a country, services provided by a dating site, and the quality of women’s profiles. Also, if you are cooperating with a dating agency, you can expect to pay more for organizing your travels to the country of your choice to meet Slavic brides offline.

Are Slavic mail order brides legal?

Yes, they are. Dating Slavic brides Ukraine and in other countries is pretty safe and secure. All dating sites provide clear services and features that you can review and use. Also, we suggest that you read reviews of dating apps you’d like to join to avoid scam.

Where to Meet Slavic Mail Order Brides?

You can find Slavic women for marriage everywhere from the capital city and metropolises of your country to a small village in Ukraine or Russia. Besides this, you can meet Slavic girls on Tinder, Badoo, and country-specific apps online.

How to date a Slavic bride?

To date a woman from Slavic country, you need to learn its dating culture. To put it shortly, you have to be generous, attentive, and positive to handle Eastern European women. Also, you should be ready to demonstrate your intentions to your girlfriend.

Do Slavic brides speak English?

Yes, many Slavic brides speak English nowadays. Due to business, study, and travel reasons Slavic women learn English and use it frequently, so you will have no trouble communicating with a girl from Eastern Europe.

What is the best site to meet Slavic brides?

There are many decent websites offering Slavic mail order brides today:,, and others. You can also find Slavic girls on large world-popular dating apps.

Do Slavic women like American men?

Yes, they absolutely do! Slavic brides consider Americans the best for dating and marriage. They believe that American men are loyal, liberal, honest, and open-minded. Slavic brides think that American men are family-oriented and kind to children as well.

Linda May

Linda May

Linda May has a Ph.D. in Psychology. She works as a therapist and helps partners strengthen their relationships, cope with difficulties, and understand each other. Linda is also a dating coach assisting singles in their love search. She knows all the pitfalls of online dating and strives to guide singles through this tricky world.

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