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pakistani girls The official language of Pakistan is Urdu, which script is based on Arabic. Other Oriental languages such as Hindi, Punjabi, Pashto, Pact, and Farsi are also widely used in everyday life. Pakistan means “a pure land” in Urdu. Pakistani women who live in cities and have a good education usually speak English quite well.

Why Are Pakistani Mail Order Brides so Popular?

Young Pakistan women are in no way inferior in their primary qualities to representatives of other countries. These females are ready to fight for the well-being of their loved ones and their homeland. A lot of women are serving in the Pakistani army, although they are forbidden to be directly involved in military hostilities.

Physical Beauty

Many beautiful women live in Pakistan. Some of them became movie stars and gained love and recognition from the public. The standard of their beauty is light skin with a cream tint, long black hair, and eyes of bright colors. A healthy appearance, rounded shapes, and large breasts are in the priority since this is needed for a young woman to become an excellent mother of future children. Graceful and smooth gait also increases the rating of Pakistani ladies. Nonetheless, women in Pakistan are not allowed to flaunt their beauty. Only a husband has the right to admire all the charms of his wife. However, many contemporary Pakistani women are accustomed to western standards in dressing outside their homeland, especially in India, Great Britain, and other countries.

Pakistani Women Are Modest

One of the main requirements for the behavior of any Pakistani girl is her modesty. Muslim women are not allowed to stare into somebody’s eyes for a long time, especially the man’s ones. It is perceived as insolent and even lascivious behavior to some extent. If a woman looks at an outsider like that, she might be flirting with him and, therefore, trying to seduce him. It is considered a sin and unacceptable behavior for her. If it is quite natural for a Western woman to assert herself pursuing a career, striving to stand out, and gaining recognition in different spheres of life, all this is an indecent behavior for Muslim women. They should be confined to accomplishing household works and playing the role of obedient wives and caring mothers.

Religiosity and Social Status

On the one hand, Pakistan is distinguished by a more secular society than other countries of the Islamic world. Pakistan women have more extensive access to public life, education, and even political positions. On the other hand, the status of a woman is determined by the strict traditions and values of Islam. Typically, only women from wealthy families can study and work. Other Pakistani women live in a limited and oppressive world. In most cases, women do not have the right to choose whom to marry. They can marry for love in only three cases — when a girl marries a foreigner when a man brings his wife from abroad, and when local young people loving each other can convince their parents to marry them.

Purity and Morality

A Muslim woman cannot allow herself to wear dirty and messy clothes, because Allah bequeathed to observe the body purity. A Pakistani woman will never go out of her home dressed inappropriately. She cannot show her arms, legs, a neckline, and naked back. According to the norms of Islam, body must be wholly covered not to cause the darkest desires of strangers and not to humiliate the dignity of the woman. By the Quran, Pakistani women are forbidden to drink alcohol. Even a traditional dress, hijab, should not be flashy, too bright, embroidered with pearls, etc. It is perceived as a sign of immorality and aspiration to luxury. A particular requirement for Pakistan women is respect for purity in all senses. A true Muslim woman strictly adheres to the rules of chastity, modesty, and godly fear. She must control not only her behavior but also thoughts. In Islam, impure thoughts and intentions are as a severe sin as evil actions. A woman cannot listen to obscene talks, thereby risking defiling her hearing and thoughts.

Respect to Family Traditions

Pakistani girls are brought up in large families according to Sharia law. The eldest man, whether it is a father, grandfather, or paternal uncle, is the head of the family and makes all decisions regarding the family and its members. It is believed that a man is closer to perfection than a woman. Traditionally, the position of Pakistani women in society and families is secondary. A faithful Muslim woman will not sit at the same table with her husband and his friends. Women have their meals on the female side of the house. Among Muslims, parents enjoy tremendous and limitless respect. Family members are consulted with the oldest man on every issue that affects family interests. His opinion is considered on an equal footing with such respected people as mullahs or cadi. Older people, both men and women, often live with their children and enjoy unquestioned authority. All essential events in the family life are necessarily celebrated within the family, and the elders determine the correspondence of the festive etiquette to the traditions. pakistani women

Why Are Pakistani Mail Order Brides Looking for A Foreign Husband?

People who live in the 21st century have a right to choose the language they speak, the clothes they wear, and the God they believe in or not. In Pakistani, the situation with freedoms may slightly differ, because Islam is the first religion in this country. Parents and husbands make these girls obey strict rules. So, according to Pakistani girls’ opinion, finding a husband from another country is the only chance to free themselves from the burden of rules and taboos and take a deep breath. Traditions in this country presuppose that a woman obeys her husband in everything and can’t contradict him even if her opinion is strikingly different. If you’re a single man who’s looking for the ideal wife, consider meeting Pakistani girl and help her start a new life. She’ll respect you and listen to your views, hoping that you’ll help the lady forget about her previous experience and will love and appreciate her the way she deserves. Pakistani women aren’t the kind of girls whose primary value is the endless parties with friends and short-term relationships. Pakistani brides dream of creating a healthy family and hope that foreign husbands will share their desires and implement them in life.

What Are Pakistani Brides Like?

Pakistani girls prepare to become brides, wives, and mothers from early childhood. Marriages in Pakistan are usually arranged within the same community or clan. A Muslim woman must be a virgin on her wedding day. Otherwise, she has to expect a terrible shame with the most tragic consequences. According to the Quran, such a woman should be stoned to death. On the eve of the wedding, the asian bride is coated with henna and aromatic oils. It is done for good luck and abundant family life. A wedding is a big celebration in Pakistan. Rarely less than one thousand people are present at the wedding. Beautiful Pakistani brides usually dress up in colorful saris. Traditionally, they can be yellow, orange, green, or red. There should also be many bracelets and hairpins made of fresh flowers in their hair. Pakistani brides rarely wear ready-made outfits. Wedding dresses are sewn manually from purchased fabrics. During the wedding day, the bride stands or sits modestly with eyes downcast. After the wedding, she leaves the parental home and moves to her husband’s house. Young Muslim women can hardly marry a man of a different faith. This inadmissibility is explained by the fact that the man has a superior position in the family. If the husband is not Muslim, his wife will gradually have to abandon her religious principles and values.

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Where Can You Meet Single Pakistani Ladies?

A Pakistani woman cannot wander around any locality unaccompanied. She never visits public premises designed for men alone. A Pakistani girl does not have any opportunity to meet a man who does not belong to her family. Until recently, a Muslim woman needed the help of friends or relatives to get acquainted with someone. Close relatives can and must help the girl to meet a man and contribute to her marriage. In such conditions, you might have difficulties meeting Pakistani singles. That’s why the most common way to find someone for stable relations is the Internet today. In this country, more and more families are being created thanks to online dating services.

How to Find a Reliable Pakistani Dating Website?

If you want to meet one of Pakistani mail order brides, use online dating resources found on the Internet. The growing popularity of chat rooms, social networks, and dating services in the early 2000s revolutionized the dating culture in Pakistan. Today, online dating has gained even more popularity with the widespread use of mobile applications. These apps are convenient for being always in touch. Also, it tells in favor of the dating service if it offers an application for smartphones. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to dating websites that have mobile apps. pakistani brides Relationships based on the same faith are vital for Muslim women and men. However, social and cultural traditions limit the ability of Pakistani girls to interact with other people. Therefore, Pak girls for marriage often have anonymous accounts on dating websites. Reliable websites that specialize in this region usually offer to pass a thorough personality test to find out your primary values, desires, and needs. In combination with your specific preferences, such as the desired age of the partner, religion, ethnicity, etc., it provides you with good chances of dating Pakistan women you would like. A dating service processes your data and generates several options for girls’ profiles.

5 Tips on Dating a Pakistani Girl

If you are dating a Pakistani woman, you need to take into account specific features of meeting with her. Here are some tips you might find helpful.

  1. A Muslim girl can meet with you only with witnesses. Witnesses at a meeting are not required to listen to or interfere in the conversation of acquaintances. It is forbidden for young people to meet in private. It is believed that a crowd of people in public places will not allow them to cross the boundaries of what is permitted.
  2. It is advisable to meet a Pakistani girl in the daytime, and not in the evening. Muslims are not allowed to touch each other, even if the man thereby wants to express his respect and shake hands with the woman.
  3. It is forbidden to talk about everything intimate. Particular attention should be paid to gestures – like many residents of the Middle East and Oriental countries, Pakistani women use a complex system of gestures in communication.
  4. If you are invited to the girl’s house, it is not polite to refuse this invitation. Pakistanis are friendly to all foreigners, without exception. They are very agreeable to those who respect their customs and traditions.
  5. Bring small presents for her family members — flowers, sweets or small souvenirs. Never bring alcohol.

The Verdict

By opting for online dating, you can find a beautiful Pakistani girl who would have the same cultural roots and education as you and also would share your beliefs. So take your chance to enchant the girl you like and you’ll never have to worry about solitude anymore.

Linda May

Linda May

Linda May has a Ph.D. in Psychology. She works as a therapist and helps partners strengthen their relationships, cope with difficulties, and understand each other. Linda is also a dating coach assisting singles in their love search. She knows all the pitfalls of online dating and strives to guide singles through this tricky world.

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