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bosnian women

Who Are These Gorgeous Bosnian Women?

Bosnia women are considered to be Southern Slavs who are mainly Christian. After the years spent under the Ottoman Empire, Islam has become the second religion in the country. The cultural mix has affected the appearance and behavior of local women. What doesn’t change is their absolute beauty.

Over the last decade, Bosnia and Herzegovina has turned into a popular tourist destination. Foreigners’ first impression is always about local women who look like supermodels and behave like angels. They always try to look in the best way, as if they are competing with each other. Bosnian singles have to live in a patriarchal society where genders have clearly-described roles. Men have control over women, whether it comes to work or family relationships. If you are dreaming about traditional marriage with a loving and caring wife, a Bosnian woman will be the best choice for you.

Why Do Bosnian Ladies Want to Date Foreigners?

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country with an unstable economic situation. This has a direct impact on the lifestyle of local people, many of whom are struggling to find a well-paid job. They have no other choice but to move abroad to pursue a better life in Germany, France, Norway, or the US. As a result, there is only one man for every seven Bosnian chicks. The situation doesn’t seem to get improved in the near future. The only solution for hot Bosnian girls is to marry a foreigner and leave the country for good.

Over the last few decades, Bosnia has started turning into a mecca for men from Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Qatar. While half of the population is following Islam, the Muslim tourists are trying to find Muslim girls with Slavic beauty here. It won’t be a lie to say that sexy Bosnian women don’t like this kind of attention. They actually do their best to get it to their personality. Generally, Christians and Muslims have equal chances of enjoying a Bosnian dating experience. There is a beauty queen for everyone in this country.

The Top Bosnian Women Traits

The fact that local girls are amazing can hardly be denied. But what exactly makes them so special compared to other females? Let’s find out:

  • They are optimistic. Beautiful Bosnian women are known for their cheerful personalities. Wherever you see them, they are always smiling or laughing. With a positive attitude to life, they are able to make even the gloomiest man happy. They like having fun, even when they are married. So, don’t think that you will stay at home every evening after tying the knot. These women like having their relatives and friends around them.
  • They are sociable. Bosnian women are easy-going and open-minded people. They can’t leave without their parents, relatives, and multiple friends. On the first date, they don’t feel awkward. They know how to behave in the most unusual situations. Their speaking skills help create a convenient atmosphere for both of you.
  • They are intelligent. Hot Bosnian women know the importance of education. Most of them tend to obtain an academic degree. Those who don’t have it still pay attention to self-development by reading books or going through online training. This is why they always have something interesting to tell you. You will never be bored spending time with your Bosnian partner.
  • They are hospitable. Bosnian girls try to be hospitable to everyone who enters their home. They are also hospitable to the tourists who visit their country. When they visit your place, they always try to bring a small symbolic gift, such as a box of proline, a bouquet with flowers, or a bottle of wine. This is their way of being polite.
  • They are respectful. Bosnian women respect local culture that tells them to love and care for their family. Even after getting married, they maintain a close relationship with their parents and relatives. They tend to have the same level of respect for their parents-in-law. According to local culture, women have to play a more subdued role than men. So, they appreciate every action taken by men who are the main breadwinners in the family.
bosnian woman

Why Is a Bosnian Woman the Best Wife Ever?

Bosnian women are family-oriented due to their religious and cultural views. Once they tie the knot with the man of their dreams, they devote all their time and energy to him. From early childhood, they learn how to cook and do the work around the house. So, they know how to create a cozy nest for their husband and kids.

They get used to living in a patriarchal society, which means that they are ready to play a supporting role in the family. By staying devoted to their partner, they rely on his decisions. It doesn’t mean that they can’t express their opinion, though. Bosnian women are masters of their own life. Whether they decide to have their own family or build up a successful career, they always go for their dream. At the same time, they try to find the right balance between these two spheres. In modern families, men and women often manage the household together, although traditional gender roles are still maintained. This is why finding Bosnian women for marriage is quite a reasonable idea for an average Western man who is looking for a smart, pretty, and responsible partner.

What’s the Best Place to Meet Bosnian Girls?

Now that you know all good things about Bosnian girls, you may want to see one of them as your wife. How and where can you meet these beauties? This is the question to be answered.


Before you visit Bosnia and Herzegovina and see everything with your own eyes, you should make up a plan. In other words, you should learn the places with the highest concentration of singles per square meter. You will most likely have to focus on Sarajevo, the capital and the biggest city in the country. With so many things to do and so many spots to visit in Old Town, you will definitely find someone special. The following spots should definitely be added to your guide:

  • Sarajevo City Center
  • At Mejdan park
  • Sunnyland Sarajevo
  • Konoba Luka Sarajevo
  • Avlija


If your daygame ends up with a “zero” result, you should focus on the nightlife adventure. Sarajevo has more than enough options for having fun after the sunset. Old Town will definitely be the center of action. This is where you will find plenty of restaurants, cafes, bars, and clubs. If you are looking for a one-night stand, it will be the right area for the search. But if you are interested in a nice, decent, and hot Bosnian girl, it can also be a good place to stick to. After all, good girls also like having fun from time to time. The following venues are worth visiting.

  • Underground Club
  • Silver & Smoke Club
  • Mostevent
  • Zlatna Ribica
  • The Brew Pub

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Online Dating

Bosnian girls don’t mind using dating sites to arrange their private life. While finding a Bosnian dating site is a bit complicated, finding an international dating site with local girls won’t be a problem. AimerWorld, LoveHabibi, LoveAwake, and Mingle2 are only some of the options to be considered. Before you proceed with the registration, make sure that the number and quality of profiles is satisfactory for you.

If you are a Muslim man, you may focus on the dating sites for Muslim people. You can be sure of finding Bosnian girls there. Thus, you won’t have to discuss the religious issues with her. You will find a woman who has the same beliefs as you.

As soon as you find someone special, you can start planning your trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina. It will be less risky as you already know the person you are going to visit.

bosnia women

What Bosnian Dating Rules Should You Follow?

Bosnian dating culture is determined by local culture and religion. The local population is represented by Christians and Muslims who live peacefully on the same territory for centuries. Muslim girls are more obedient when it comes to relationships with men, while Christian girls aim to find the balance between family life and career prospects. At the same time, all of them are dreaming about finding a handsome, rich, and decent man who can change their life for the better. Considering the demographic situation in the country, more and more Bosnia girls are trying to meet a foreign guy from the Western country. If he comes from the USA, the UK, or Germany, an average Bosnian woman will be happy to move abroad to arrange her life there.

Some people say that Bosnian brides are gold-diggers, but it’s not true. This is not how they are brought up. She will agree to tie the knot with a foreigner if she is really in love.

Bosnian women are looking for a lifetime relationship. If you have the same intentions, you should stick to the following tips:

  • Do not talk about politics. The history of Bosnia and Herzegovina is full of dramatic events. This is why starting the political topic is not the best idea for a conversation. Once you know each other better, you can decide which political events are suitable for a discussion in your couple.
  • Do not try to keep her under control. Despite patriarchal moods in the society, local women are quite independent in their actions. They want to have a strong and determined man by their side, but they don’t want to have a teacher who tells them what to do and how to do it.
  • Do not offend her religion. If you find a Christian girl in Bosnia, you won’t have problems understanding each other. If you start dating a Muslim girl, you will have to accept her religious views. Otherwise, they may turn into a serious problem later on.

The Verdict

If you want to win yourself a Bosnian girl for marriage, you should find the right approach to her. Whether you decide to visit the country or register on the dating site, you should treat her like a princess. Sexy Bosnian girls are sensitive creatures that need care and protection. They want to see a strong and reliable man next to them. Thanks to their traditional values, they become excellent wives. If you think that you can comfort one of them, take action. The final result won’t disappoint you. You will end up having a loyal and devoted partner by their side.


Do Bosnian Girls Like American Men?

Yes, they do. The economic situation has made lots of men leave the country. As a result, local women have to consider foreigners as potential marriage candidates. In fact, American men are viewed as the most desirable marriage material.

Do Bosnian Women Speak English?

Yes, they do. Local girls are well-educated. They learn English at school and at the university. Although their English skills aren’t perfect, they are sufficient for having a basic dialogue. So, you don’t have to worry about misunderstandings.

What Is the Best Site To Meet Bosnian Brides?

The best sites to meet Bosnian babes include the ones where you will feel comfortable and not pay a lot for subscription. For Muslims, it will make more sense to focus on dating sites for Muslim people. They will be able to find a girl with the right beliefs from the very beginning.

Linda May

Linda May

Linda May has a Ph.D. in Psychology. She works as a therapist and helps partners strengthen their relationships, cope with difficulties, and understand each other. Linda is also a dating coach assisting singles in their love search. She knows all the pitfalls of online dating and strives to guide singles through this tricky world.

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