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Why are Singaporean Mail Order Brides so Popular?

Outstanding beauties

Singaporean women are famous for their god-like beauty. Statistics show that western men want to date and marry Singaporean girls due to their flawless faces with smooth skin, sensual full lips, large deep eyes, and thick dark hair. These girls have all the resources for maintaining their bodies fit and curvy. If you want an astonishing Asian wife, you should date a Singaporean one for sure. Also, Singapore girls mature well. You can meet a lot of women in their 40s who look young and incredibly hot in the way that you would never think she is 40+.

Perfect wives

Singaporean girls grow in the traditional Asian cultural environment where women have to stay at home and do their best at cooking, washing, and cleaning. They live with their parents for a very long time and help them do all the household chores. By the time you meet a Singaporean woman, she will be ready to cook delicious meals for you, clean the house and take care of your future children or children you already have. Besides that, these women are taught to rely on men, support them, and consider their decisions. However, it does not mean that you can abuse your wife’s efforts. She will only be loyal to you if you match her expectations of a caring, loving, and supportive husband.

What are Singaporean Brides Like


Singaporean women aim at a long-lasting relationship that will turn into a marriage. You should consider it when you start dating these girls. She will only be yours if you show that you are ready to make strong bonds with her. Cheating her husband is a taboo.

singapore brides

Family Means Everything

When you marry a Singaporean girl, she will put your family to the forefront. This girl will have her private life; she will meet with friends, have hobbies, etc. But she will never compromise her family. A Singaporean will always make sure that she pays enough attention to her husband and children. It is due to the traditions Singaporeans follow for centuries. The unity and prosperity of the family are vital for them. A Singaporean woman will count on you as the ruler of the family. She will make the home atmosphere as positive as possible.

Financial Status is Important

Singapore is one of the wealthiest states in the world. The average salary reaches $67,152. Singaporean people tend to seek equal partners or those with a higher income. That is why a Singaporean woman will consider your financial status. More than 70% of Singaporean women replied that they found the financial condition of their partners vital.

Foreigners are preferred

Many Singaporean women seek men from different corners of the world. Some of them consider Singaporean men far from being the best choice. Some are willing to relocate and start an independent life. Although Singapore is a wealthy state, real estate is incredibly expensive here. That is why many people live with their parents. Women want someone who can bring them to a more spacious country. Many women consider Singaporean men dependent on their families; therefore, they search for successful independent foreigners.

Where you can meet single Singaporean ladies?

Fortunately, there are lots of dedicated online platforms where you can meet single Singapore women. You can search for these gorgeous brides on hundreds of dating websites. There are dating platforms accepting Asian women. On these platforms, you can meet oriental girls from numerous Asian countries, including Singapore. You can find your love even more quickly if you visit niche sites that focus on Singaporean women exclusively. Some of these platforms are free, and some require investment. The prices differ from site to site. In general, you will pay $30-50 a month for using a particular site.

Making Contacts on Dating Websites

To contact Singapore brides, you need to do the following things:

  • Create an account
  • Make a profile
  • Browse for girls

In general, you need to upgrade your account to use a full range of communication tools on a particular website. Also, take into account the audience on these websites. The girls are different, and some may want only a distant relationship. Some of them look for friends, and some seek a marriage. You can find more information about the girls’ interests in their profile descriptions. On dating websites, you can also filter women for precise recommendations.

Marriage Agencies

You can reach marriage agencies that specialize in making bonds. They offer translation services, love consultations, and organize appointments. The match-making agents work with both men and women registered on the agency website, helping them find each other. These services cost more but provide more support. Women registered on marriage agency sites seek men for a long-lasting relationship usually.

Website of the day:



How to find a Reliable Singaporean Dating Website?

It is easy to find a reliable dating website when you know what features it has. Here are the features of a trustworthy site:

  • It applies anti-scam measures. It means the platform detects suspicious behavior and bans fraudulent profiles. The best platforms use a mixture of automated detection and manual revision of scammy users.
  • It works for a long time. What makes a website work for ten or even twenty years? Only successful management makes it possible. That is why you should consider the time-proven, leading platforms of the niche in the first place.
  • It has a minimum of bad reviews. A reputable, high-quality service makes people satisfied most of the time; thus, it has a good reputation.
  • It offers a balance between price and quality. It has reasonable prices.
  • It provides a steady verification process to ensure the users are real.
  • It provides safety and security for user data. Your financial information, scans of documents must be safe. It is possible due to data encryption technologies.

While deciding on the dating platform, you should always take into account its terms and conditions. It should provide the terms of use conveniently and understandably. You can also find the information you need on review websites. The review articles usually show the info about the platform’s prices, audience, quality of service, etc. It is better to read a couple of materials to make your decision as unbiased as possible. singapore women

8 Tips on Dating a Singaporean Girl

Some of the dating platforms can be competitive because of gender disproportion, with 85% of men and 15% of women. Some are less competitive. It only means that you should stand out anyway. Making an appealing profile will help you meet your love quicker. Follow these tips to get the maximum benefit from dating platforms:

  • Provide appealing, high-quality photos. Upload at least five pictures of yourself in different situations. Girls consider profiles with pictures 90% more attractive.
  • Pay attention to your profile description. Write about your personality, expectations, and the women you prefer. Be genuine about what you write. Online dating is all about describing yourself.
  • Fill out the survey forms. It will help girls find your profile via website search.

The most important thing about online dating is attention and care. Here are the things you should always do while dating online:

  • Always show interest in the lady you chat with. Browse her profile and learn things she mentioned about her so that you will always have a topic for discussion. Ask her about her hobbies and her life. Be attentive and polite. Avoid inappropriate questions and never argue with your Singapore girl.
  • Pay your bride a compliment. However, you should not mention her beauty only. Any woman feels special and desirable if her man values her personality. Make her understand you are interested in the person she is, not only her appearance.
  • Make her understand that you search for a stable, long-lasting relationship. Singaporean women prefer mature partners who will stay with them for life.
  • While meeting her in person, make sure you look neat. Choose the appropriate clothes. If you are going to visit a theatre, pick up a shining smocking.
  • Respect her parents. She reckons with their opinion and decisions. And so do you if you want her loyalty.

The Verdict

Singaporean ladies prefer attentive and supportive men who look for a stable relationship that will turn out into a marriage. Singaporean woman will devote herself to you entirely if you show that you are the person she can trust. Stability, financial wellness, and serious intentions are vital factors that will make you the most desirable man for Singaporean ladies. Your soulmate will support you and help you do the household chores. And take care of your children. Besides that, she will be incredibly beautiful and desirable.

Linda May

Linda May

Linda May has a Ph.D. in Psychology. She works as a therapist and helps partners strengthen their relationships, cope with difficulties, and understand each other. Linda is also a dating coach assisting singles in their love search. She knows all the pitfalls of online dating and strives to guide singles through this tricky world.

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