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The Attributes of Paraguay Women

There is a lot of exquisiteness coming out of Paraguay. The attraction of Paraguayan women is incredible. They are blessed with supple tanned skin, beautiful tresses of dark hair, and enchanting eyes. You can find both slender and curvy chics everywhere. It is rare to find blondes in this country, but you can meet one if you are fortunate. Paraguayan girls dress to kill, and their warm smiles can light up a room. 

A typical Paraguayan girl is naturally humorous and gentle, quick to laugh at your jokes.

Paraguayan women love their families and are diligent towards their obligations. When they are in relationships, they are respectful and always give undivided loyalty. 

The women of Paraguay are the pride of their country, and they deserve to be treated with respect because they played a crucial role in rebuilding the economy of Paraguay after their country fought in the famous Paraguayan War. Paraguay fought against the triad of Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay with a bloody onslaught that led to the death of almost 90% of the men leaving the women to shoulder the nation’s responsibilities.

Do Paraguayan Girls Love Foreign Men?

The country’s labor force is largely made up of Paraguayan women. Regardless, they still have massive respect for their men. However, they do not feel appreciated by their men as much as they would have wanted. The local men are not as sensitive as the foreigners, and their society still has issues with social equality. 

Although the 1992 Paraguayan Constitution mandates equality for everybody, women in Paraguay still suffer discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace. Such acts are banned by the Labor Code but not yet criminalized. 

A woman of Paraguay has less chance of holding management positions, loans, and owning estates. Paraguay’s girls also suffer domestic violence. Paraguay created a special law in 2000 against psychological, sexual, and physical abuse, yet male offenders get away with slight punishments like fines instead of actual penalties. The feminists in Paraguay have taken up the task of ensuring the political parties enforce women’s rights. 

The ladies, however, prefer to save themselves from all that trouble and move to other countries for a better future. As a result, they prefer to marry foreign men because of their liberal views and lifestyle. Paraguay girls believe that when they marry a Westerner, they can be happy and have stable relationships with the same rights as their husbands.

Characteristics of Paraguay Women

There are traits of Paraguay babes which draw men to them. Consider these:

Positive nature

Men notice that Paraguay girls are optimistic, cheerful, and friendly when they have conversations with them. The girls have a keen sense of humor and can share numerous jokes to keep people happy. You can’t be bored when you spend time with a Paraguayan woman. This outgoing and free attitude of the average Paraguayan lady adds to their lovableness. 


Paraguay babes are hot and sexy and do not neglect their appearance. Naturally, they have shapely bodies, one of the perks of their lineage. People are always attracted to their tanned skin. Women of Paraguay love to flaunt their natural beauty, seldom needing beauty enhancements or makeup to look attractive.

paraguay girls

Respect for spouse

When a Paraguayan woman gets married, she honors and respects him. She remains a pillar of support for her husband. As positive women, their husbands are inspired by them, and they work as a team to find solutions to critical issues. During conversations, she does not shy away from discussing any topic of interest. Western men who marry Paraguay babes are often thrilled by this, and they adore them.

Family Oriented

One remarkable trait about Paraguayan women is their love for a big extended family. In most cases, they do not live in the same building as their relatives, but they remain tight-knit and deal with each other’s problems together. Having such family support will be beneficial to you, especially when you need guidance on solving any issues. 


Asides from being funny and intelligent, Paraguayan women are candid and friendly. Being in their presence is quite comforting because they are sincere and open about anything they feel about you. 


Paraguayan women are conservative. However, this makes them one of the most romantic girls you’ll meet. As a man, you are expected to act like the gentleman you are. That would involve texting, phone calls, sending gifts occasionally, and taking the bills on dates. As traditional girls, they would usually remain in their parents’ house until they are married and do not cohabit with men.

Why Do Paraguayan Women Make the Best Wives?

Paraguay’s women are so attractive that many men crave to be with them. If you are interested in dating in Paraguay, you will need to have a unique lifestyle and respect for family values. Consider some reasons why men prefer brides from Paraguay:

Sense of humor

As earlier mentioned, Paraguayan girls have an excellent sense of humor, but there is the catch- warming your way into her heart takes more than being humorous. You have to prove your genuineness and readiness to commit to a relationship.


Although most people think Paraguayan girls have the usual Latin American temperament, they are peaceful and worthy. They exude self-esteem, dress conservatively, and maintain their warmth and friendliness.

Family love

Paraguayan girls may differ in appearance from each other, but one attribute is shared: love for their family. Family comes first to a Paraguayan girl, and they can be the most dependable partners one wishes to have.

Good mothers

Paraguay ladies are homely. Their parents raise them to be great mothers and wives by teaching them from childhood the tenets of good parenting. You can rest assured your kids will be in good hands if you take a Paraguayan wife.

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Places to Meet Paraguay Girls 

Have you made up your mind to start a relationship with a Paraguayan girl? The next step is to find one. Tourists usually find the women during the holiday season and get a chance to spend time with them. That’s an option you can try.

When you visit the city, the ladies are often in groups making them seem unapproachable. While hanging out with friends, they stick to their drinks and mind their business. Men are not readily welcome. To break that barrier, you will need to go through her friends.

If you visit the country, stay in the country’s capital. The villages do not have enough fun things for you to explore. 

The nightclubs, malls, restaurants, and cafes are the most accessible places to find beautiful Paraguay women. Places you can visit include:

  • The Metropolitan Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption: This place is right in the center of the city and is fantastic for spending quality time.
  • The Plaza de Los Heroes: This spot is great for having coffee and catching up with lots of pretty girls.
  • The Government Palace: The government palace is a great place to stroll by and meet new people.
paraguay brides

Another option is to make use of the internet. Paraguayan women are just a few clicks away. People are finding it more convenient these days to meet their heartthrobs online. 

The internet provides loads of Paraguay dating platforms where you can register and meet different Paraguayan women. When you register on any dating site, you can text, video call, and have a real relationship with any woman you want. 

If you decide to use any dating website, be careful and ensure the platform is secure. Most individuals who register on dating sites are decent people seeking life partners, but some have bad intentions. Do some research and read reviews about dating websites before signing up on any. 

If you are in a relationship with a Paraguayan girl online, and she allows you to visit her, then prepare to have a good time. Paraguay is in the heart of South America with an exotic landscape and a thrilling culture.  

Even if you do not have a partner waiting for you, there are many beautiful women in the city. It won’t be challenging making friends with them.

Another way to meet a woman of Paraguay is by referrals. If you know someone in the country, you can ask them to act as your matchmaker. 

Tips for Dating Hot Paraguayan Women

Men who have an interest in Paraguayan women wonder about the Paraguayan dating culture. Not knowing how to approach the amazing woman is one of the difficulties they face. Although Paraguayan ladies do not mind having a man around, you need to know what tips will help you win their hearts. 

The country is predominantly Catholic, making their dating culture one of the most conservative. It doesn’t matter how good your dating skills are. Learning how Paraguay women dating foreign men prefer things to be will ease things up for you. These are some handy tips you can follow:

Get acquainted with her family

There is no way to overemphasize the impact of family on the lives of these women. As they cherish their family, they expect the same of you. If you genuinely want a Paraguay girl, visit her family, build a relationship with them too and watch her warm up to you.

Let her have her space

The average Paraguay woman cares for her family, yet they want their alone time on some days. If you want your woman to love you, you should let her be independent and develop herself. Support and provide for her, but also be willing to let her keep her personal space.

Be romantic

Women of Paraguay love romance. While gifts are appreciated, they would never bother you about it and be satisfied with your attention and care. Little romantic acts like leaving notes for her to find, listening to a song she likes, etc., can melt her heart for you.

Avoid political debates

Although a Paraguay girl is versatile during discussions, she draws the line at politics and religion. Shun subjects relating to politics to avoid embarrassment. However, this is not a rigid rule, and you can feel free to discuss this when you get to know her better.

Respect her culture

The culture in Paraguay may significantly differ from yours. This distinction should prompt you to respect her customs and support her beliefs, values, and traditions.

The Verdict

A Paraguayan woman is your best shot for marrying a woman who will make your home peaceful. If you’d love to marry a passionate, caring, and cheerful woman, start a relationship with Paraguayan girls. Every man loves an understanding woman, the one who can radiate positivity into his life. The Paraguayan wife does that expertly. Once a woman from Paraguay gets married, she creates a happy mood around the home, making her husband always eager to be at home and spend time with her. Don't miss this chance of having the best future partner you can ever desire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Paraguayan Girls Like American Men?

Paraguay is quite close to the United States, and they don’t mind dating American men. And this is due to their liberal lifestyle and romantic nature, especially as they keep a better relationship. Paraguayan ladies no longer mind moving over to the United States to marry American men.

Do Paraguayan Women Speak English?

Paraguayan women are not so fluent in English. The country has Spanish as its official language. But a lot of Paraguayan women can speak basic English and have some conversations. However, if you need to make an extra effort for her, learning Spanish will not be a bad idea. 

What Is The Best Site To Meet Paraguay Brides?

Many online dating services allow you to access single Paraguayan girls searching for serious relationships and marriages. The best site is not too pricey, has verifiable profiles, positive reviews, and an easy-to-use interface.

Linda May

Linda May

Linda May has a Ph.D. in Psychology. She works as a therapist and helps partners strengthen their relationships, cope with difficulties, and understand each other. Linda is also a dating coach assisting singles in their love search. She knows all the pitfalls of online dating and strives to guide singles through this tricky world.

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