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The Collective Image of a Graceful French Woman

french brides

Many stereotypes hover around mysterious French women. Some people believe French girls are rude and never shave. Others think that all French ladies are super-passionate lovers. But who are these women in reality? We will help you depict the collective image of French women with these facts:

  • French women love reading, traveling, and cooking.
  • These girls indeed never get fat.
  • French ladies are sensual and passionate yet act much more gently and elegantly, following reserved etiquette.
  • French girls always dress to the highest standard.
  • French women enjoy every moment of their lives without needless hustle.
  • Contrary to popular stereotypes, they love Americans.

French ladies love Americans, don’t they? Is it easy to date a French girl then? We know why you’re here. Therefore, check why French women date and marry foreigners below.

Why Do French Girls Marry Foreign Men?

You may question yourself whether French women date foreign men. Fortunately, many French women don’t mind dating guys from a different culture. However, the real question is, why do French girls marry foreign men? Have you any chances against a French guy? Check this out below.

Personal Taste

Personal taste is the most common reason why some French girls might want to date foreigners. In reality, some women may indeed be obsessed with British or American gentlemen. Sympathy emerges from a set of details, like voice, appearance, lifestyle, etc. Who knows, perhaps a particular French bride is sick of the Eiffel Tower and dreams of hitting the Texas highways with an American guy.

This girl will hold this quite romantic picture in mind while searching for American guys on dating sites. Eventually, she will find her ranchero riding his metal mustang.

The Desire for New Experiences

Thirst for a new experience might be another reason why beautiful French women search for foreign guys. After all, an American guy is entirely different from a French one, almost like an alien to the French culture. The unknown and the desire for discoveries might become the main drivers for the French women’s interest in foreign men.

One Hundred More Reasons

Traumatic experience with a French guy? The desire for relocation? Spontaneous, like a current rush, sparkling sympathy? The heart knows no law, and there might be a thousand more reasons why French girls may like dating foreign guys. Or, a girl might fall in love with you for no reason at all.

In essence, the question of why French women date foreign men is quite philosophical. No exact reason may match a particular woman you might date in the nearest future. So ask her about this if it matters to you.

Meanwhile, French women’s characteristics are the thing that matters when it comes to dating in France. So, learn how French women look and act below.

French Women Appearance and Character Traits

french women

You will learn about French style, how witty these girls age, whether they speak English, and more in this section. So, let’s take a look at the top characteristics of stunning French ladies.

French Girls’ Hot Beauty

France is the motherland of fashion. Fortunately, the local girls do their best to look irresistible in men’s eyes. However, they do so not to impress you but to dominate other girls. In essence, the life of a French woman is a never-ending beauty contest. She does makeup, wears the most trending outfits, and goes shipping to the most fashionable boutiques because she wants to be the best. She wants to look better than her friends or anyone else walking along the French streets.

For French girls, beauty is the means of self-expression and self-confidence. The better she looks, the better she feels. As a result, you will never spot a French woman buying groceries wearing pajamas with her hair carelessly gathered in a bun.

So a lipstick, a fashionable hairstyle, eyelashes, highlighters, and other makeup things will always enlighten the French girl’s face on the street.

What about French figures? Most French girls are slim, with some fit curves. Most of them keep to a permanent diet, thus looking tender and sexy even in their 40s and 50s.

Besides, unlike girls in Russia who often become “babushkas” (overweight grannies), French women remain beautiful for much longer. In other words, most French women don’t age between their 30s and 50s.

To Sum up, French women are stylish, beautiful ladies who don’t age as fast as women of other nationalities (due to healthy diet and beauty treatments).

Pragmatism in Daily Life 

French women seem to be concerned only with their beauty and spend all their money on hair dye, lipsticks, and beauty balms. However, these women think and behave much more practically.

In essence, these girls love planning their day, diversifying their budgets, and doing other cool things. As a result, French girls are way smarter than you may think for the first time.

Besides, French women seem to be independent, relying on their skills and experience rather than on their men.

English Skills

In France, around 23 million people (39% of the population) can speak English on different levels. In popular tourist destinations like Paris, more people speak English. So you may avoid complete misunderstanding with locals. At least, you can ask for directions and get a meaningful answer.

However, note that some hot French girls may hesitate to speak English with a foreigner, feeling shy about their English skills. Nonetheless, you may find a girl speaking English on an advanced or upper-intermediate level, which is pretty enough for dating without barriers.

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Can a French Woman Become an Ideal Wife?

Every man has a different picture of an ideal wife. If you expect your French wife to wait for you until you come home for the rest of her life, you may want to find a woman of a different nationality.

However, if you consider your French wife as a true woman and life partner in the first place, you may never meet a better woman. After all, family life is about a partnership, friendship, love, respect, and care. Meanwhile, some French women’s qualities will help you establish a healthy family:

Domestic Skills

French brides are proficient at housekeeping. If needed, they will make the entire house shine in a couple of hours. Most importantly, French girls can prepare super-healthy and delicious meals.

Finally, French women become loving and caring mothers, keeping their babies clean and spoon-fed on time.

Nonetheless, don’t expect your woman to become a submissive Cinderella. Mundane routine and abuse will ruin your relationship.


French ladies are used to earning money. Under no circumstances a French woman will leave her job to lock herself in the kitchen, cooking meals for her husband and children round the clock.

If you believe it’s a bad thing, you may want to find more submissive women, like girls from Argentina, Ukraine, or Laos. However, if you want your woman to contribute to your family financially, French girls are a great choice. The French woman’s natural strive for independence will ensure her a well-paid job, which is super-beneficial for your family budget.


Every man wants to have a faithful wife. By choosing a French woman, you will reduce the risks of facing infidelity issues. Yet, infidelity often results from an unfillable gap in your relationship caused by disrespect, lack of feelings, abuse, etc. Consequently, being loyal, caring, and supportive is the best way to preserve love and passion in the relationship and never let your partner think of someone else.

Meeting French Women

Dating sites are currently the best places to meet French women. If you want to find a French mail order bride with a couple of clicks, you can choose from many dating platforms and thousands of hot girls. A stable internet connection is all you need.

How to Date a French Woman?

french girls

French people don’t date in a conventional sense. Thus, casual dating is not a thing in France. It means you will become exclusive to a girl from the very first date. Thus, if you get on a date with a French girl and kiss her, and that’s it. Therefore, don’t meet other women (except for your friends) while developing your relationship with a French girl. Remember − one girl at a time. Otherwise, your French woman will consider you a cheater. In this way, you may ruin everything. Check other useful dating tips for meeting French girls below:

Preserve the Mystery

If you swallow the whole cake in one bite, you will fail to enjoy its smell and taste to the fullest. Furthermore, you can get nausea afterward. It is much better to savor each piece, chewing it slowly and feeling the delicious flavor.

The same thing touches relationships, namely the “get to know each other” part. So don’t disclose too much information about yourself on the first date. Leave something for your girlfriend to reveal, preserving some mystery. French girls consider this much more seductive.

Take Your Time

While you will become exclusive to your French woman quite fast, it doesn’t mean you should force her to the routine. We kiss means we are a couple. Great, let’s get laid, marry, and bear children! This is a wrong approach. A relationship with a French girl is a game, not a job. So let her take her time and allow your relationship to develop at its pace, naturally.

Don’t Make Yourself a Burden

Dating a French girl is about enjoying your time. So don’t spill your guts about your job issues, your ex-relationships, your family troubles, etc. The best thing you can do is leave all this stuff for the later stages of your relationship when you get used to each other.

Courtesy Matters

While French women might appear to be independent and practical, they love romanticism and appreciate the courtesy. In other words, they love to feel cherished and valued this way. So you may want to do the following things to impress a hot France girl:

  • Buy flowers.
  • Pay for a restaurant check.
  • Pay compliments to your lady’s appearance and character.
  • Open the door and pull the chair for your lady.

The Verdict

Beautiful girls from France make up excellent wives. French girls are far from being submissive, and you will have to make an effort to melt their hearts. But when you succeed, your wife will reward you with infinite love. Consequently, show courtesy to win the French woman’s heart and treat her with respect and support to preserve the feelings.


Do French Girls Like American Men?

Many French women don’t mind dating foreign guys.

Do French Women Speak English?

According to statistics, around 16% of French women speak English. Thus, you can theoretically meet a French lady who speaks English fluently.

What Is The Best Site To Meet French Brides?

We cannot call a particular dating site the best for meeting French mail order brides since there are hundreds of platforms where people meet each other every day. The best dating website is the one that has a broad audience, several communication options, and high-end fraud protection.

Linda May

Linda May

Linda May has a Ph.D. in Psychology. She works as a therapist and helps partners strengthen their relationships, cope with difficulties, and understand each other. Linda is also a dating coach assisting singles in their love search. She knows all the pitfalls of online dating and strives to guide singles through this tricky world.

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