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Why Balinese Women Are So Popular?

Balinese women are probably the most popular in the international mail order bride environment. Here are some features that make them so interesting for Western men.


The appearance of Balinese girls is similar to Indonesian women and other female citizens of the region. Still, the locals have a lot of features that make them stand out. The first thing you notice is their thick, dark hair and slightly tanned skin. Balinese women have very soft facial features that make them look amazing even without makeup. A big source of pride for the women of Bali is their body. They usually have a medium height, while their bodies can easily remain fit and toned until the mature age.


If you are interested in Asia, you already know that the local people are some of the most beautiful on this planet. At the same time, Balinese women are extremely feminine in their appearance and behavior. The inherited grace lets them act with decency in every life situation. Thanks to femininity, the local women do not compete with men in any sphere — they want the man to take the lead in a relationship. Meanwhile, they are ready to give a lot of love and support for their soulmate.


Asian brides are considered to be quite reserved, so it takes a lot of time and effort for them to open up and reveal their real feelings. That is not the case with Balinese brides, who know what they want and how to show it. As long as there is a spark between you and a Bali woman, your relationship will most likely end up seriously. She will give you as much love and dedication as she can, which proves the fact that your decision was right.


One of the most important things about a Balinese woman is that they can be very loyal brides and become devoted wives in the future. For Bali women, monogamy is the key to a happy and healthy marriage. Thus, they are ready to commit to one man for the rest of their lives. You Bali bride will never even think about cheating on you, so you won’t have to check messages in her mobile phone or control her throughout the day.

Family values

Most Bali women have to work from a young age, so they know how to reach success in their careers. At the same time, they will never feel accomplished until they have a loving husband and healthy children. An average Bali woman wants her future family to consist of a husband, at least two children, and the parents staying nearby. Starting a family with Balinese women will feel like a happy ending compared to your previous relationship. Balinese women are always warm and welcoming and they will do their best to become a part of your life. Simply, you will never have conflicts because of your Bali bride’s secrets or intrigues. By being open to her, you will manage to keep your marriage well-balanced. bali brides

Why Are Bali Mail Order Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

Foreign men are something new to Bali women as much as they are for guys from abroad. Their appearance makes females wonder how their children would look like, as such a mix is something promising. For women from Bali, foreign guys are real Apollos who have come to take them overseas and show the world. Low quality of life in this country is another reason that makes females search for a potential husband abroad. They’re tired of exhaustive work and unsatisfying conditions and want to get alternatives. Of course, it doesn’t mean that a girl from Bali won’t have a desire to get a job in your country. Quite the contrary, she’ll do her best to occupy a highly paid position. She already thinks about her future family and understands that her kids won’t get a cloudless childhood in Bali. Although local men are friendly and kind, they don’t know how to perform romantic gestures and win the woman’s heart. Balinese females are tired of the absence of romantic aura in relationships. They want to receive sweet emotions from foreign partners who know how to keep the flame between two loving hearts.

What Are Balinese Brides Like?

You can get a better understanding of what Bali women are like from simply having a conversation with them online or in person. There are some qualities you can only notice when you settle down with a Balinese woman.

Excellent housekeepers

Balinese women have a great ability to keep the house clean and cozy. They love cleaning and organizing, as well as taking care of their family. Also, they are good at cooking as Balinese delicacies as foreign treats. It means that your future wife will quickly learn new recipes and surprise you with your favorite dishes.


A relationship with a Balinese bride will be based on a warm attitude and good nature. However, it doesn’t make your relationship boring or tiresome. These women know how to maintain the sparkle in a relationship or marriage. You will surely enjoy spending time together, whether it comes to an unexpected weekend getaway or film watching at home.


The beauty of your Balinese bride is natural. Compared to other Asian women, they don’t like using too much makeup and doing plastic surgery. Everything you see on their profiles is natural. Also, your Bali girl will be natural in her behavior. Whatever she says or does, it will reflect her real emotions and feelings. Their facial features and behavioral patterns can hardly stay unnoticed by local and foreign men.


Most Balinese women grow up in small villages and mainly communicate with their own family. But it doesn’t mean that they have poor socialization skills. When you introduce her as your bride, you will see how polite, fun, and interesting she can be. Bali women are not afraid of being funny and engaging. So, you can be yourself and enjoy your time spent together with your charming partner.

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Where Can You Meet Balinese Brides?

Bali has become an extremely popular touristic destination recently. When you’ll visit Bali, you’ll feel like there are a lot of single ladies out there. Most of them like the idea of meeting Western men in the street. But a more effective way to find your perfect Balinese bride is to register on one of the Balinese dating websites. On such online platforms, you can find lots of local women who dream about getting married to a foreigner and move abroad. If you have something to offer to your future wife, don’t hesitate to check the profiles of Bali mail order brides.

How to Find a Reliable Balinese Dating Website?

Before you register on one of dating platforms, you should learn how to choose a reliable online resource. Your goal is to find a decent agency that would contain a great number of profiles with Balinese brides and the wide range of tools to customize the search. To avoid bad experiences and find a perfect woman safely, you should pay attention to the following things:

  • Check the background of a dating website. The earlier a dating platform is established, the more reliable and trustworthy it is. Consider the frequency of updates to make sure the website involves the relevant information.
  • Check the ranking of a dating website on the Internet. When you enter “Balinese woman” in Google search, you will see all the relevant options. The ranking of each specific website on the list is associated with the number of clicks, online coverage, search relevance and their own quality.
  • Check registered accounts. Look through the accounts of Balinese women specified in the online database. The profile photos should be natural, not like being taken from the catalogue of supermodels.
  • Check users’ testimonials. The quality of a dating website can be measured through users’ feedback and reviews. The actual judgment can be made by those who have already had an experience on the website.

If things go well, you will find your love among the single Balinese ladies and become the happiest man ever. You will get a well-balanced relationship that makes your life stable and organized. bali girls

7 Tips on Dating a Balinese Girl

While choosing the right Balinese mail order bride service, you will be able to talk to many single ladies. Your mission is to find a Balinese woman that would have the same interests and the same goals as you do. Here are some practical tips to keep in mind:

  1. Make compliments to her and please her with little gifts. After receiving a positive reaction, you can start a conversation with her.
  2. Be yourself when you have a conversation with one of Bali girls, and she will definitely appreciate your ability to act naturally.
  3. Ask her questions by showing your interest in her personality, homeland, family, interests, and work.
  4. Show your serious intentions by trying to be not too intrusive. Bali women appreciate marriage as the sacred union of two hearts in absolute love.
  5. Avoid criticism focused on her country, culture, politics, and especially family. Local women respect their background, so they also want their partner to respect who they are and where they come from.
  6. Get along with her family as it will become your family as well. The very first time you meet her parents, you must make a good impression on them. It is part of the Balinese community tradition.
  7. Do not push on her with your problems, because she expects some help from you instead. Using your Balinese bride as your personal psychologist is not a good idea for starting a serious relationship. In fact, you won’t be able to achieve your goal of marrying a local woman by having such an approach.

Remember that your initial goal is to make a relationship trustful. You must be honest, as Balinese brides quickly detect insincerity. Eventually, you will be able to maintain trust and get closer to your partner.

The Verdict

If you talk to a Western man who has made up their mind to spend the rest of life with a Balinese wife, they will tell you that this was one of the best decisions they have made in his life. Bali women have beauty, charm, and passion to make your life full of happiness and stability. All you have to do is sign up for a Balinese dating website and proceed with the search of your soulmate.

Linda May

Linda May

Linda May has a Ph.D. in Psychology. She works as a therapist and helps partners strengthen their relationships, cope with difficulties, and understand each other. Linda is also a dating coach assisting singles in their love search. She knows all the pitfalls of online dating and strives to guide singles through this tricky world.

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